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Schools Out For Winter


We have just had a group of 22 'A' level students from Gravesend in Kent up for a three day art trip. We had a packed itinerary from making horsehair paint brushes to night photography in the forest. There was some infringement from the weather; a one hour ferry trip around Lake Coniston through a thick fog and trying to draw at night in the forest in the pouring rain. We invited photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg to work with the photography students, Alistair Hudson led the drawing workshops and Glenn Boulter made a light and sound installation in the forest. You're always a bit unsure of what gets absorbed when it's like an assault course of workshops, screenings, talks, trudging about en mass in the drizzle with sketchbooks and cameras with no time for reflection. However, the students presented some very impressive work at the end of the trip (see below). Were just waiting for the feedback forms to come back. From the last school group the only complaint was the lack of TV's in the bedrooms.

Posted by Maria Benjamin on 16/02/11 at 17:47

Migratory Dairy School


I recently received this image of the Migratory Dairy School, the only known photo, a Ruskin inspired idea executed by the reliable Cannon Rawnsley to huge success. The school took eduction to the people, in this case teaching farmers how to farm diary cows and produce butter. The school, centred on a caravan and tent, set up for 10 day periods in small villages in Cumbria and helped many farmers out of economic straights during the 1890 recession, anyone for butter. 

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 25/11/08 at 14:18