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Mechanics Institute is christened

Even before the Instituto Mecanico programme gets underway, our Sao Paulo classroom hosts a talk by Ann Gallagher of Tate to a collection of art patrons and Outset folks. As the rest of the Bienal is a cocophony of video noise and vultures squawking, Ann is delighted to find a quiet room in the exhibition, at least while Adrian Street pumps on the other side of the wall.

Posted by Alistair Hudson on 24/09/10 at 14:37

Sao Paulo Installation

Adrain Street film and mural by Raphael
Inside with drawings by Lambeth School children, 'Ruskin' and the Collingwoods
Cabinets of Coniston Curiosities
Jeremy bought some cacti to soften it up a bit, but looking for a cat calendar for that human touch
See how the Institute does that 'inside/outside' thing, see what we're doind there?

Nearly there, mural complete, film running, classroom set up. Just need to make a mess in it now. Meeting education team next to plan the education programme for the room.

Posted by Alistair Hudson on 20/09/10 at 18:17

Lilian Bayliss school in Lambeth

dinner on the lawn
Jeremy Deller's drawing workshop
Boat trip to Piel Island
digging over the ground at our allotment at Monk Coniston
Forest disco thanks to Glenn Boulter

The school visit from a group of Portuguese speaking kids from the Lilian Bayliss school in Lambeth was great fun. Jeremy Deller came and did some drawing with them as these will be shown alongside his new film at the Sao Paulo Biennial.


Posted by Maria Benjamin on 27/08/10 at 10:18