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Peter Hodgson in the Yard - 21st November


Farmyard radio is delighted to be welcoming Peter Hodgson talking about his life and works. Peter is a leather worker and artist based in Ambleside, his work has been the cornerstone of the Honesty stall and is currently represented at the myvillages village kiosk at the GSK season at the Royal Academy   


Posted by Adam Sutherland on 19/11/08 at 14:31

All lined up for the off


Along side many other 'products' from the Japan and China projects as well as products from the honesty stall network, there will be a stall running the duration of the programme, so if your in Bristol and have a sudden and urgent need for a dog planter, mare's milk, a bone comb or some wild Chinese mountain honey in an old coke bottle you will find all your needs quickly met at the Arnofini art gallery, and it's not often you can say that.
Works and collaborations from:
Myvillages, Pope and Guthrie, Seven Samurai, Happy Stacking 7, Public Works, Peter Hodgson, Peter Inman and many others

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 24/06/08 at 14:31