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Does Public Art Need Outsiders?

Does Public Art Need to be Outside?

This was the title of a conference held at Lawson Park on October 7 by Situations Bristol and IXIA (a public art think tank mind gym) when we tested the new building to the max, crowbarring 40 guests and speakers into the space with the odd stroll outside to breathe in some air in between the exhalation of much art theory. Speakers included Paul Domela, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Karlheinz Kopf, Andreas Lang and our good selves, all bundled up a packaged by Paul O'Neill.

Someone even said Lawson Park was 'the best seminar venue I have ever been too'.

If you are interested in the findings of the conference the answer was "sometimes, sometimes not, maybe".

Posted by Alistair Hudson on 19/10/09 at 16:30

The Big Day!

Eric Robson's opening speech

The broadcaster & Cumbria Tourism chair launches the new HQ at Lawson Park June 25th 2009

Director Adam Sutherland with guest Eric Robson
Intern Matt tries the delicious nosh

What a day - many hands made light work! Great food c/o Alistair's mother-in-law, great flowers c/o Meg and a very good speech from Mr Robson, bringing together Ruskin, Grizedale and land use very neatly indeed.

And saying the gardens were "superb" too (!)

Phew - now onto the 10th and the art crowd....

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 27/06/09 at 21:28