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International Village Shop Website Launch


The International Village Shop is a growing network of cultural producers who set up permanent and temporary trading places for goods that are rooted locally. The products range from horsemilksoap to porcelain Frogbutterspoons, Peter's Pots and Titschy Kitschy houses, single-village rice, music CD's, handmade arrows, etc.

Grizedale Arts, myvillages.org, public works and Somewhere have worked with shop formats, trade and collaborative production since 2003. During a myvillages.org residency at Grizedale Arts in 2007 the idea was born to join ventures and the International Village Shop began.

Since then the partners in the network extended and reworked their trading places which include amongst others the ongoing Honesty Stall at Lawson Park, an annual shop for the village fete in Höfen, a two day shop at the Royal Academy in London, a one hour shop at the Studio of Urban Projects in San Francisco and an afternoon shop in a supermarket in the Swiss village of Fanas.

During the harvest month of October 2010 the International Village Shop website will go online. The site brings the geographically dispersed temporary and permanent "counters" of this one shop together, and gives insight to products that are developed for and contributed to this shop.

Throughout October 2010 a series of live shop activities will take place across both urban and rural places in the UK and Germany.

03 October, a "Höfer Waren" 2010 Swap Shop as part of the village fete activities, from 14.00 - 17.00 in the village of Höfen in Southern Germany, to make and swap clay fruit

06 to 17 October , myvillages.org presents thee International Village Shop at the offices of Lower Saxony in Berlin, with the shop open on Thursday 7th October from 19.00 - 22.00.

08 October at 19.00, a Friday Session on Shops at the public works studio in London.

10 October, "Heaven's Kitchen" as part of the Coniston Harvest Festival, with Grizedale Arts making frozen meals and a harvest supper from donated local produce.

New products that will enter the International Village Shop during October 2010 include:

Potato Sleepers, a bag to store potatos in the kitchen, developed with residents from the potato growing village of Neuenkirchen and myvillages.org, designed by FUCHS + FUNKE & Michael Lehner and made from leftover material from the local felt factory.

Paramentenmeterware, a new fabric devoloped with professional embroiders from the Paramentenwerkstatt at the Monastery of St. Marienberg, Helmstedt, in the far East of Lower Saxony, Germany.

Clay Fruit, a new dish applying "Hausfrauentechnik" to local clay to process the fruit that grows on it in the village of Höfen, Southern Germany.

Art and Agriculture porcelain sets , a printed second hand dinner set used during the Art en Agriculture wedding reception at Kultivator in Dyested, Sweden

New partners and products to enter the International Village Shop network are welcome.

For more information:

Contact mail@internationalvillageshop.net

International Village Shop Partners:

Website design and build: Dorian Fraser Moore (the useful arts organisation), and Kathrin Böhm (public works/myvillages.org)

The International Village Shop website is financially supported by Mondriaan Foundation, Rhyzom and FondsBKVB.

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Grizedale Arts at the Sao Paulo Bienal

Grizedale Arts and Jeremy Deller have collaborated on a new commission for the 29th Sao Paulo Bienal, involving a film by Jeremy about the miner, wrestler and craftsman Adrian Street; an education programme, a YouTube site and the founding of a Mechanics Institute for the Bienal.

See project page or Sao Paulo Bienal website for more information

Project page/Eflyer

Jeremy Deller and Grizedale Arts at the 29th Sao Paulo Bienal

Foundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo
Parque Ibirapuera portao 3
CEP 04094-000
Sao Paulo


25 September - 12 December 2010

Opening 21 September 1900-2200hrs

So Many Ways to Hurt You, the Life and Times of Adrian Street

A new film by Jeremy Deller, commissioned by Grizedale Arts for the Sao Paulo Bienal, telling the extraordinary story of Adrian Street.

Adrian was born into a coal mining family in Wales in 1940, but at sixteen he fled to London to pursue a career as a professional wrestler. Hanging out in Soho with the likes of Francis Bacon and Leigh Bowery, he developed a persona that combined the camp of post war pop culture with the hard-as-nails attitude of his working class past. His increasingly exotic image took him to America where he now lives, still wrestling in his 70s and running an artisan cottage industry, producing bespoke costumes to the wrestling industry. (http://www.bizarebazzar.com/art.htm)

The film is not shown in a neutral setting, but set against a mural by Paulista graffiti artist Raphael and presented as the façade of a new educational facility for the Bienal based the Victorian Mechanics Institutes.

The Mechanics Institute
Grizedale Arts and Jeremy Deller

The Sao Paulo Mechanics Institute is constructed with historic material from Coniston and John Ruskin's followers in the village, with paintings by Collingwood and crafts made at the Coniston Institute around 1900. This classroom also features work made by Portuguese pupils from the Lilian Bayliss School in Lambeth who undertook a week's course in art, craft and nature study at Lawson Park farm, Grizedale in August 2010.

However this is not an installation, but an active classroom for the Bienal to extend their own education programme in new ways. This programme is designed to work from the ground up, inviting school groups, amateurs and non-experts to teach what they know to others, creating knowledge as a network.

As part of the project a YouTube site is being developed to pass this knowledge on, with films made by the participants.

This project will in turn feed back new ideas to the Coniston Institute, to help shape its future.

Supported by Foundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo, Arts Council England and The British Council.

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Summer break apologies

We'll be back in the yard next week Friday 5th September, welcoming autumn....

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