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'Child's Play'

Ray Davies & Adam Sutherland squabble over the mic

Ray Davies managed to make it to the Coniston Institute for the performance of his 'Child's Play' last night!

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 17/12/11 at 11:37

Farmer's Market and Art Fair

A great weekend in Coniston Institute highlighting much of the art, craft and local produce from the village and surrounding area. Overall, the weekend made £4,000 and raised over £400 for the Conistion Institute redevelopment fund. The Grizedale Arts handmade ceramic Christmas decorations sold very well this year, though we got a slapped wrist for the hand grenade. Weirdly, no one complained about the Marcus Coates animal turd decorations! The best sellers were the things that looked most homemade and it seemed there was a preference for the handwritten sticker as opposed to the properly printed and designed label. Bringing so much local production together highlighted just how much is missing from the shops in this area. It's crazy to see shops selling honey from China when there is some amazingly tasty honey produced locally which flew off the shelves at the Fair. 

Posted by Maria Benjamin on 13/12/11 at 18:40