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From Hell to Hell


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From Hell to Hell

An audio CD of original interviews with the artists
Published by Brigade Commerz, July 2009
Audio-CD: 51:00 min

In November 2008 Robert Eikmeyer and Thomas Knoefel made live recordings with Jake and Dinos Chapman in the run-up to their "Memento Moronika" show in Hanover. The theme, how could it be otherwise, the hell and its inmates. Its about Lucifer and his darksome paradise, tantalisation and perdition, the evil and the libido. The performance of human monstrosity, its prophets and subworkers, about perpetrators and victims, masters and slaves, but also about transgression, and a deepness of death and creation, which maybe are steps beyond the individual, relating to us, the human being. After the first hell burned down in a warehouse fire, the Chapmans started with a new version "Fucking hell", which was shown in the exhibition "If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be" in London. Why Hitler again and again and why all these cruelty in the work of the Chapmans? And why a third hell "Fucking Hell Sixty Five Million Years BC" with cardboard dinosaurs? Brigade Commerz first Audio-CD in the English language "Jake und Dinos Chapman, From Hell to Hell" contains answers to these questions. The Chapmans as sensitive observers of their time, ready to break the last taboos, when asked questions about the role of the artist and art.

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