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Current Opportunities

In recent years we have moved away from the traditional residency model (i.e 'you give up everything for a while to secrete yourself away from life, with us'), for various reasons:

Firstly, we don't think it's what most artists (at any stage in their careers) really need to thrive, and secondly, because we want to be able to respond to the many different ways that great projects can evolve. This can't happen if we are locked into a rigid cycle of a certain number of applications annually.

We now adopt a flexible approach that is integrated into our local, national and international curated programmes. We always - always - welcome interesting ideas and proposals, so if that's what you've got and you've read the text below, get in touch.


<STOP PRESS> There are a few 2018 volunteer spaces left: on the weeks of Nov 26 & Dec 3 only....

We want to build relationships which benefit all artists, volunteers and interns, working in partnership with our staff. We do not have dedicated staff who support these relationships - our goal is that they are fully integrated into the everyday work of our organisation. Our base at Lawson Park (above) is a productive smallholding and has 4 live / work rooms (including one with full disabled access), with shared kitchen / dining / relaxing areas. All our visitors need to be prepared to contribute to everyday chores and to the maintenance of the gardens and house, and to be content to live in harmony with others. We live well here, but it takes teamwork to achieve.

Typically, after an initial period of research and development, artists come and go as their project requires, sometimes over long periods of time.
Lawson Park is not a retreat, but a place which informs and sustains Grizedale Arts ideas and creative networks. There is a strong curatorial emphasis on art which can be part of a wider socio-cultural ecology. We believe in the civic responsibility of artist and organisation, using creative processes to improve all areas of life.

Volunteering at Grizedale Arts is a great way to get to know us without a huge commitment on either part. The volunteer programme is designed to be a first 'familiarising' stage for artists with aspirations to work with us. Usually it is a five day fully residential working week, but if you live locally you can volunteer and live out. Volunteers get to assist in all aspects of the running of Grizedale Arts, and have proven to be an essential part of the development of the organisation - bringing fresh ways of working, new ideas and challenges, all of which we welcome. Working alongside us is the best way to induct individuals into the organisation, its philosophy and its context. We are especially keen to hear from BME and LGBT applicants, as we work towards becoming a more inclusive organisation.

What's included if you volunteer? We provide food, a contribution to travel expenses and accommodation, in return for help with maintenance of the gardens and farmhouse, or with our programme of projects and events on and off site.

We also offer a number paid internships in various areas of work throughout the year, and these often follow on from a successful period volunteering with us - particularly so for artists or curators who are earlier on in their careers. For example, interns might work on maintaining our website, contributing to project funding bids or working on specific public projects. These opportunities are also mainly residential (food, travel expenses and accommodation included), though live-out options are also possible if you live locally. We expect interns to commit to a varied, interesting working week of up to 6 days, contributing to house and garden maintenance as well as to other aspects of the organisation's activities.

We strongly favour internship applicants who have previous experience of our organisation (ideally as a volunteer) and can commit to a continuous period of work of at least 4 weeks.

We so still offer fully funded artist's residencies on irregular occasions. We advertise them here and in our Newsletter, and we are always happy to talk to artists about future possibilities and projects.
Lastly, we can help facilitate uncurated and self-programmed residencies are at a sister farm, Low Parkamoor, an off-grid house which can be hired for artists or groups to pursue a course of activity without too much critical input from Grizedale Arts. The deadline for this is ongoing, please have a look here for more about this special place.

To keep up to date on all our opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter, which has details of residencies, events and projects.

To Apply for an Opportunity:

Applicants should send a CV & a brief statement of interest. Please indicate which area of work you prefer or have experience of, and an outline of your skills.

Address this to the Director, Adam Sutherland on

We prefer applications by email, but if you need to submit in an alternative format get in touch.