Projects / Virtually Grizedale


For the 2006 Liverpool Biennial, GA produced a weekend of live activity as a representation of its current projects, addressing the issue of regeneration and cultural change in places of heightened sensitivity: the Lake District; Egremont, Cumbria; Nanling, China; Echigo-Tsumari, Japan; Lausanne, Switzerland and Liverpool itself.

The weekend cited itself as:
"a cultural car crash; a living enactment of a website, all these projects from around the world, come to life and slogging it out in the streets of the Liverpool’s regeneration zone. Performance, music, discussion, noise, collaborations, presentations, films, radio, print, markets, webcast and even pictures on the wall will be used to reflect upon and project the activity of the organisation in direct relation to the context of Greenland Street, the Biennial and a the wider picture of contemporary art and how it works."

Featured projects included Seven Samurai represented by music, performance and images by the artists who had been resident in Japan for the project; Creative Egremont, for which works by Egremont artists and makers were curated; and Parkamoor from which furniture designed and made by Artist House and Dan Robinson was shown.

GA staff were joined by a guest panel webcast live their annual artist selection procedure from the exhibition space at the A Foundation's Greenland Street venue. The weekend was concluded with memorable performances by 80's pop legend Jesse Rae joined by bassist Doug Wimbish, artist Jen Liu's camp monks, artist Bedwyr Williams joined by Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie in their Tudor personae, and artist Marcus Coates as shaman.