Projects / The Village Table

2015 ongoing

The Village Table is at once a community enterprise and an art project.

The collective of people involved includes local cooks, gardeners, fishermen, hunters and gatherers and just people who happen to have a mulberry tree growing in their garden. Our enthusiastic cooks are all gifted amateurs, but don't fret - they all have food hygiene certificates and all food is prepared in a certified kitchen. They are often joined by the Coniston Youth Club who help with service and prep. Further to this unique offer of obscure and properly local produce the Table also draws from a wide range of artist products, like napkins, crockery, glasses, linen, vases, snack trolleys and all sorts.

The project often works from the lovely Reading Room at the Coniston Institute, a space which we redesigned a few years ago to provide a warm and atmospheric space that seats around 30 people.

The Table does birthdays, weddings, art events, outdoor events, big, small, recherche, popular. The main produce is rarely bought commercially and can regularly include Arctic Char, figs, wild mushrooms, teal, woodcock, lobster, venison, wild plants and fruits, garden produce and very much more.

Clients are offered a list to select from both of art content and seasonal produce. Art works which can be included in a booking include those by Adam Sutherland, Laure Prouvost, Rob Kesseler & Peter Myers.

To book the Village Table for a forthcoming event or find out more - get in touch.