Projects / School for Tourists / Full Programme


Day 1 - Monday 18th July - Adapting to Your Environment

0900 Breakfast at the Coniston Institute - porridge. 

0930 Welcome to the School for Tourists: outline of the programme and ambi tions for the week.

Emma Smith, lead artist and Adam Sutherland, Director of Grizedale Arts.

1000 Keynote speech: Professor John Urry 

Eminent British sociologist whose work in tourism and mobility - with particular reference to the Lake District – has been widely acclaimed. John will speak on his new edition of The Tourist Gaze 3.0. Further studies and books have included th transition away from ‘organised capitalism’, the sociology of nature and environ mentalism, and complexity theory. 

1045 Tea break – with Margaret Proctor’s Ginger biscuits.

1115 Walk to Levers Water: 

Led by National Park walking guide Mervyn Cooper.  

1245 Coppermines Valley Talk: Sam Stalker.

National Trust Ranger Sam will talk about land use in Coniston and the National Trust’s ambitions for the future.

1300 Packed lunch at Coppermines Hostel with discussion on ‘The Right to Roam Act’ and farming in the Lake District.

1345 Formal debate for and against the notion: 

“Thousands of town dwellers are lake-folk at heart… they have every right to call the lakes theirs…” (From W. G. Collingwood). 

1430 Walk to Coniston Institute

1600 Traditional English High Tea by Maria Zeb Benjamin 

1830 Film 

A collection of public information films promoting the Country Code in different decades. 

Main Feature, Cannibal Tours (dir. Dennis O’Rourke) 1989. A documentary that follows a group of tourists visiting the head hunters of Papa New Guinea – ‘an absolute must for anyone involved in the tourist industry, hilarious and poignant’. 

Day 2 - Tuesday 19th July - Learning From Your Environment

0900 Breakfast at the Coniston Institute - porridge.

0930 Alison Phipps: Land, Languaging and the Taskscape of Translation

Alison Phipps is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Glasgow 

University. Her research focus is on languages and intercultural studies, with a 

particular critical concern for the different ways in which people learn to live and communicate together.

1015 Open discussion on writing a new Country Code – collating some ideas 

and thoughts.

1100 Tea break 

1130 Workshop/demonstration: Owen Jones on swill baskets. 

Owen discusses how he came to revive the swill basket and the various ways in which he is able to make a living from the craft – including Hen Parties, reenact ment and demonstrations.

1300 Walk to Ferry 

1340 Boat trip and packed lunch on Coniston Water. 

Alistair Hudson’s on board alternative guide to the lake and valley in all its complexity. 

1430 Tour of Brantwood - Home of John Ruskin from 1847 – 1900 with a talk on Ruskin’s thoughts on tourism by director Howard Hull. 

A newly-developed cheese will be severed at the icehouse/cheese store.

1615 Ferry back to Coniston – visit to Coniston’s industrial estate and sewage works.

1700 ‘Heaven’s Kitchen’ – A project with St Andrew’s Church, originally done for the Harvest Festival. 

Delegates will prepare a communal dinner and pack ready meals to be distributed the following day to the elderly residents of the village.

1900 Heaven’s Kitchen dinner in the Institute hall with piano accompaniment from the Church organist.

2100 Finish

Day 3  - Wednesday 20th July - Contributing

0930    Breakfast at the Coniston Institute - porridge. 

1000 Karen Guthrie  - ‘What Will The Harvest Be’.

A talk on Abbey Gardens, a communal garden in the London 2012 Olympic develop ment area. The talk will focus on how this kind of project could work within a tour ism structure. 

Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope are the directors of Somewhere, a multi-disciplinary, non-profit company producing ambitious and innovative community orientated projects spanning film, the web, live events and public art. 

1100 Tea break and talk by Alistair Hudson on Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s tea urn.

‘Souped Up Urn’ – gifted to Water Yeat Village Hall in 2004, the talk will follow the subsequent life of the artwork including a live link up to the urn currently on exhibition in Germany.

1130 Practical work – helping with the restoration of the historic Coniston 


Delegates will join the Boon Day Group (local volunteers) in painting, 

sewing, building and cleaning.

1300 Lunch in St Andrew’s Church with the village Fair Trade and charitable giving group.  

1330 Lunchtime Lecture:  Pooya Ghoddousi: On being nomadic – what constitutes home?

Pooya has worked as an architect, consultant and designer in companies in Iran and the United Arab Emirates. His principal focus is on nomadic al ternatives to existing human settlements, developing sustainable models for urban living through radical architecture.

1430 Continued discussion and practical work at the institute.

1700 Finish.

Dinner in the village a la menu touristico

The Sun, The Bull, Harry’s, The Yewdale, The Crown, The Ship, Our Plaice.

Please ask conference staff for directions and recommendations.

Day 4 Thursday 21st July - Sustaining Your Environment 

09.30 Breakfast at the Coniston Institute - porridge. 

10.00 Working Party – development of concept, strategy and marketing.

Vicky Slowe – director of the Ruskin Museum - will give a guided tour of the Institute and Museum with an emphasis on sustainable tourism. Alistair Hudson will lead on the history of the institute as the catalyst for the cultural life in the village.

13.00 Locally branded products lunch – Cumberland Sausage, Hawkshead relish, STP (Sticky Toffee Pudding), Coniston Fudge.

14.00 Break Out Groups:


2 A NEW COUNTRY CODE – preparing power point presentation

3 BOON WORK (continue practical work)

16.00 Tea break – Grassmere Ginger Bread. Invented in the 1850’s to capitalize on visitors to Wordswoth’s grave.   

18.00 Finish 

Optional activity - preparation for the Friday party – decorating, cooking, set out, lighting.

Day 5  - Friday 22nd July - SEMINAR: ‘The Tourist Complete’.

Pioneering a new form of tourism in Coniston. This seminar will bring together specialists within tourism studies, participants from the week’s programme and representatives from tourist industry in the Lake District to evaluate the week’s findings. 

Open to all – £5.00 admission for conference and party. Proceeds to the Institute restoration fund. 

10.30 Tea and biscuits honesty stall 

11.00 Welcome and overview by Emma Smith

1200 Presentation: Pooya Ghoddousi 

12.30 Lunch – organic, fell-bred, rare breed, heritage balti

13.30 School for Tourists: delegates presentation/soap box opportunity 

1415 Presentation of a New Country Code and open discussion 

1500 Tea break

1530 Open discussion with representatives from local groups and organisations; Parish Council, Grizedale Arts

Local farmers, Tourist Board, Boon Day Group, Sport organisations

1600 Alistair Hudson: Round up and conclusions/next steps

1900 Village Hall Ceilidh – Coniston Institute. Live Ceilidh band with caller, DJ Farmyard, food from  Woodland organic rare breed pork, Lawson Park organic paddy fields and wild produce 

2300 Finish