Projects / Romantic Detachment / : Touring Show

2004 until 2005

The premise of Romantic Detachment was an examination of how we romanticise other cultures, in particular the relationship between UK and US cultures. The programme spanned diverse venues from English village halls and quaint pubs to New York City's PS1/MoMA, Roosevelt Island and Wall Street.

The main gallery space of PS1/MoMA was used as a studio from which to coordinate live engagements with individuals and groups throughout the community in particular projects on Roosevelt Island like William Pope L's 'White Room'.

This programme extended beyond the exhibition period and developed many of the involved artists' ideas of practice, generating multiple connections and ongoing projects beyond the original commission including projects in the UK and US. For example, the 'We are Seven' US artists residency at the Wordsworth Trust or the continuing series of works on the idea of the pilgrim by David Blandy.

The exhibition was selected as the 'Pick of the Year' in the prestigious art magazine Frieze.

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