Projects / Lawless


Lawless used the Visitor Centre in Grizedale Forest to host a car boot sale populated by mainstream and arts-related stalls, curated by Grizedale Arts.

We hoped to bring alternative and underclass cultures into the Forest and Central Lakes, places which at that time (and arguably still) offered only conventional and mainstream cultural and retail experiences.

The boot sale was open to all vendors and a rich mix of the obscure, esoteric and mainstream created a portrait of a complex fusion of cultures and ideas. Highlights were the sale of gallery copies of major video art works a £1 a piece (mysteriously they had fallen into the hands of juneau/projects, perhaps from their time working at Ikon, or perhaps not ), and a functioning whiskey still by Graeme Roger which was studiously examined by the visiting Police, who eventually passed no comment.

The project proved to be highly influential, heralding an enduring obsession between artists and art organisations with 'alternative' fairs of various kinds, such as the Arts Car Boot Fair (est. 2004) and others.