Projects / Late at Tate (a re-enactment of works and projects from 1999–2009)



Adding Complexity to Confusion: A Kind of History of Engaged Practice

For the past ten years, Grizedale Arts has run an extra-ordinary programme of artists’ residencies, events, exhibitions and social projects from its home in the middle of the Lake District National Park. For one night only, Grizedale Arts will tell the tale of its own transition from sculpture park to radical arts organisation, with particular reference to engaged practice and all its pitfalls and pratfalls. This story, based on the recent book Adding Complexity to Confusion, will be told through the re-enactment of the most illustrative and pertinent artists’ performances alongside music, drama, film, dancing and food throughout the galleries and grounds.

The evening features works and artists’ contributions from:

Juneau Projects, MT Arms, Jesse Rae, Skip MacDonald, The Thistles, Pablo Bronstein, Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Wapke Feenstra, Antje Schiffers, MyVillages, Marcus Coates, Tim Olden, Jordan Baseman, Kerry Stewart, Steve Beasley, Bedwyr Williams, Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope, Barnaby Hoskins, Nathaniel Mellors, The Bandwagon Barbershop Quartet, Harold Offeh, Sarah McRory, Matt and Ross, Olaf Breuning, Damon Packard, Mark Beasley, John Russell, Olivia Plender, Ken Russell, Robert Eikmeyer and Johnny Vivash and many, many more.


Juneau Projects and Friends

One of the longest serving Midlands-based artist duos in the history of Grizedale, Juneau Projects will tell their own personal story from art school graduates to art world middleweights, through an evening of music, chat and old friends popping by for jamming and joviality.

18.30–19.00 Juneau Projects (1999 – present)
Ben and Phil get the party going

19.00 - 19.15 MT Arms (present)
Egremont’s finest RnB band led by iron ore and local axe legend Colin Telfer

19.15 – 20.15 Juneau Projects (1999 – present)

20.15 – 20.30 MT Arms (present)
The boys attempt the ultimate version of All Along the Watchtower

20.30 – 21.30 Jesse Rae with Skip MacDonald and the Thistles (2004 – 2010)
Funk superstars Jesse and Skip (Grandmaster Flash, Tackhead) perform a Grizedale retrospective

18.30 – 20.00hrs Marcus Coates – Portrait as a Goshawk (1999)
Look out for Marcus making like a manic shamanic man/hawk on the roof, marking his territory and hurling abuse and crusts from on high.

All evening in the gardens:

Pablo Bronstein (2008-present)
Pablo will be taking leave from his current sculpture court commission to run a stall selling crisps

Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s Souped Up Urn (Water Yeat) (2004 – 2005)
Commissioned for the 2004 Romantic Detachment project at PS1/MoMA and donated to Water Year Village Hall in 2005, serving hot drinks for tea totalers.

The International Village Shop (2008 – present)
From the MyVillages collective, serving food and craft produce laced with mixed messages from the rural hinterlands of Europe

Tombola and Guess the Weight of the Grizedale Forest Cake* stall
Be in for a prize you didn’t know you wanted or win a holiday of hard farm labour and socio-cultural enlightenment at Grizedale) (*apologies to A Kane) (clue – it has a file in it).

Toge Soup Kitchen (2007)
A nourishing staple soup from the rice farming village of Toge and close to what John Ruskin had in mind for every working man.

Egremont Today Stall (2006 – present)
A history of 20 years of Egremont Today, the local monthly community and labour party newsletter, giving away copies of the 20thanniversary edition. Editors Peter Watson and Caryl Ireland will be on hand to advise on starting your own publishing sensation.

Tate Bookshopstall
An Adding Complexity to Confusionspecial concession - Tate Bookshop goes all country.


With a running narrative written by Adam Sutherland, distorted by Nathaniel Mellors and narrated by Johnny Vivash off of Nathaniel’s Giant Bum.

18.30 Tim Olden – White Label Remix 7” (2000)
Revisiting Grizedale Live, when the forest sculpture started to get gobby and a bit not like sticks and stones

18.45 The Worlds Biggest Liar (2000)
From the Festival of Lying celebrating the Cumbrian tradition of Lying, which still goes on today. On many fronts.

19.00 Jordan Baseman – Adam the Fat Tart (2001)
Jordan revisits this celebrated transvestite comedian from the Barrow in Furness banger racing scene and the darker post industrial fringes of the Lake District.

19.15 The Burning of the Billboard – a dramatisation of the end of public art as devised by Colin Lowe and Roddy Thomson (2002) narrated by Johnny Vivash and acted out by the (recently formed) Wimbledon School of Art Amateur Dramatics Society

19.30 Kerry Stewart – Let’s Get Married, Crow Dance (2003)
In 2003 Grizedale Arts took it upon itself to organise two weddings in the forest, with artists devising the programme for the day. This dance created by Kerry Stewart was the hit of the reception, reworked here by Harold Offeh as The Crow.

19.45 Reading: The Battle of Roadshow (Blanau Festiniog). Drama narrated by Steve Beasley (2003)
An illustrated tale of really engaged practice in Blanau Ffestiniog and how the education tent got burnt down.

20.00 Bedwyr Williams – Dinghy King (2004 – 5)
Picking over the bones of his worst performance ever from the Coniston Water Festival, during which the villagers came face to face with cutting edge performance, Hugh Fearnleigh-Whittingstall and a Char.

20.15 The Seven Samurai (2007)
Toge Rice promotion event with Bedwyr Williams, Marcus Coates, Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, Tim Olden, Barnaby Hoskins and Nathaniel Mellors and the Bandwagon Barbershop Quartet. In 2007 seven artists went the the Japanese village of Toge to save it from the bandits of regeneration and Site Specific Art. This is what happened.

20.30 Happystacking (2008)
Scottish/Chinese Country Dancing (Strip the Willow) led by Harold Offeh in a gold suit. In 2008 every woman in the mountain village of Nanling, China, went for Harold in a big way. Please join in, it’s not hard, and for some reason curators really seem to enjoy this one.

20.45–21.30 Lawson Park opening party re-enactment with, Sarah McRory and Matt and Ross Animal Welfare DJ Set, featuring Lionel Ritchie, a lesbian hen night gatecrashers and a conga.

21.00 Special Guest to announce the winner of the Guess the Weight of the Grizedale Forest Cake Competition. Win a week of hard labour in Grizedale.


Adding Complexity to Confusion at the Movies

Film Programme 18.30 - 21.30:

Marcus Coates: Out of Season (1999)
Jordan Baseman: The One About the Camel (2000)
Olaf Breuning: Home(2003)
Nathaniel Mellors: Truth Curator (2004)
Damon Packard with Mark Beasley and John Russell; The Thinking (2004)
Olivia Plender: Ken Russell in Conversation with Olivia Plender (2005)
Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope: Little Deluxe Living (2007)
Pablo Bronstein: Paternoster Square (2008)
MyVillages: Horse Milk Products (2008)
Robert Eikmeyer: Hitler on Stage (2009)