Grizedale Arts

The Honesty Stall/s

01/07/2007 until 01/06/2012

A series of unregulated bespoke stalls / shops selling local and artist-made produce to passing members of the public, who pay what they wish. Products have included mares milk soap, wild mushrooms, Japanese rice, vegetables grown at Lawson Park farm, books and DVDs.

Despite many discussions each of the stalls has its own set of rules, in some cases a challenge to shoppers to explicitly value the wares, in others empathetic exchange. Some stalls state prices, others suggest 'pay what you think it's worth'. The stalls will continue to evolve internationally.

The Martino Gamper-designed Stall at Rochelle School in London -

Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope (aka Somewhere)'s Anglo-Japanese Honesty Tables -

juneau/projects Honesty Box in Toge, Japan - pictures on Flickr site

myvillages' International Village Shop info here

The Village Produce Films made for

The Honesty Stalls have evolved over time and are part of the greater International Village Shop network which has grown from these roots.


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Artist collective