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A programme of new Grizedale Forest site-specific works supported by works in the gallery, curated during the first year of Adam Sutherland's tenure as the new director.

The artists and the programme were keen to distance themselves from the work that had preceded the new directorship and were generally confrontational in feel. There was an attempt to establish an honest response to the new conditions of Grizedale Forest as its main business shifted from timber into the recreational leisure industry. Works included the forest billboard with an image by Marcus Coates and Calum Stirling's 'Logo Wall' - a variety of sportswear logos embedded in a dry stone wall.

The programme attracted a lot of media attention and widespread criticism from local artists and visitors. It was also the blueprint under which militant local artists would - 5 years later - develop a project called 'FRED - the annual art invasion'.

Ah, the sins of the fathers….