Projects / Golden - Live in your Forest


The most complex and interesting project with the village was the burning of the Grizedale Forest Billboard, complete with its confrontational text and image by Roddy Thomson and Colin Lowe. The event opened up a frank discussion over the perceptions of wilderness, the impact of tourism and many other local sore points. The adverserial nature of this project proved to be a significant way forward for GA, taking community relations into a genuinely discursive space where both parties could be open and honest about the assumptions and prejudices informing their opinions and actions.

Subsequent more recent work in and around the village of Coniston has developed from and been informed by the successes and challenges of these early confrontational works.

The wind-powered (web) broadcast, following on from the web cast of the Festival of Lying, forged the way ahead for the hope that the programme could be more effectively disseminated by new technologies.