Projects / A Different Weekend


The programme adopted modes of local presentation: the country show and village hall aesthetic. There was an attempt to integrate local 'real life' creativity into a contemporary art style; the development of an appreciation of the amateur aesthetic and the slightly half-finished look. The successes of the programme in terms of future development were the Show tent and the Festival of Lying which was webcast.

Mark Wallinger undertook the children's face painting, and works like 'Showjump' (a Grand National jump) seamlessly placed traditional craft objects into a contemporary art context. These works developed a series of resources and contexts for other works and artists to sit against. As a curatorial policy this is a key theme that has expanded over the years.

This event was the first in a series of demonstrations of how the Grizedale Visitor Centre might be used and was intended to feed into the development of the master plan for a new vision for a the Centre, one that inspired and reflected on - honestly - the rural work and leisure issues and urban perceptions of place.

The event happened in the middle of the petrol strike, one of the 7 Plagues of Grizedale Arts.