2020 Late Winter / Spring Season

Notes For Applicants

  • We are a small organisation, so for efficient administration we invite applications for volunteer places strictly within the Application Windows detailed above and only our online submission process.

  • Our funding requires us to limit the participation of those in full-time education in our programme. We will therefore allocate no more than one place in four to student participants. Please tell us in your application if you are in full-time education.

  • We are looking for individual applicants, not couples or groups.

  • Please do not apply for more than one week per season.

  • Most volunteers use public transport to reach us. We pick up and drop off volunteers from Ulverston train station at 11.30am on Day 1 (Monday) and 5.20pm on Day 7 (Sunday). We cannot offer alternative times, so if these do not work for your incoming or onward travel, it will be your responsibility to arrange overnight accommodation locally to ensure you can make these times.

  • Your application should consist of a single document (Word or PDF) C.V and a covering letter detailing your skills, interests and reasons for applying. We receive more applications than we have places for, so we are looking for people whose experience, skills and interests best match our own.

  • Please tell us of any dietary requirements in your application. This help us plan ahead as we eat and cook together a lot.

  • If for any reason you wish to withdraw your application or place (if offered) please do so promptly so that we can re-allocate it so someone on the waiting list.

  • If successful, we endeavour to let you know within 10-12 working days of the close of the Application Window. Please don't chase us!

Application Form

What is your ethnicity?
Ethnic origin is not about nationality, place of birth, or citizenship. It is about the group to which you percieve you belong.
Mixed/multiple ethnic groups
Asian/Asian British
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British
Other Ethnic Group
Do you consder yourself to have a disbility or health condition?
The information in this form is for monioring purposes only. If you believe you need a "reasonable adjustment", the please discuss this with oyur manager, or the manager running th recruitment process if you are a job applicant.
Do you have caring responsibilities? If yes, please tick all that apply