Current Opportunities

In recent years we have moved away from the traditional residency model (i.e 'you give up everything for a while to secrete yourself away from life, with us'), for various reasons: Firstly, we don't think it's what most artists (at any stage in their careers) really need to thrive, and secondly, because we want to be able to respond to the many different ways that great projects can evolve. This can't happen if we are locked into a rigid cycle of a certain number of applications annually. We now adopt a flexible approach that is integrated into our local, national and international curated programmes. We always - always - welcome interesting ideas and proposals that tie in with our work and goals - so if that's what you've got, get in touch.

NB: We prefer to receive applications digitally, but if you need to submit in an alternative format get in touch.

2019 Volunteer Placements

'I had such a wonderful time. It was transformative in my outlook on why I make art, why anyone makes art. It’s also given me such a burst of enthusiasm in general - that a life like that can be lived out, with so much joy in detail’.
(a 2018 volunteer)

We have welcomed 480 volunteers at our HQ Lawson Park since beginning the programme in 2009. From their feedback, we know that volunteers from all walks of life and of all ages have found their time with us to be thought-provoking, restorative, hard work and enjoyable. Whilst most of our volunteers do still come from an arts background of some sort, many have a strong interest in experiencing an alternative to the familiar gallery / studio world. For us, the volunteering programme brings to us invaluable extra capacity from an exceptionally wide cross-section of interesting people, including those with life experiences, skills and qualifications that are very different from ours. Some continue to work with us afterwards as Associate Artists or in other roles, whereas for others the experience is a one-off respite from a busy professional career or between academic courses of study.

We would emphasise that volunteering with us has no strict criteria nor qualifications required, but that when we are oversubscribed by applicants, we will select those whose aptitudes and skills are most clearly in line with our activities.

What To Expect when Volunteering

During their week volunteers will spend their days in regular contact with GA director Adam Sutherland and other part-time staff. They also take a hands-on, practical role in the running of the Lawson Park household and gardens. At the end of their 5-day stay, volunteers can take up the opportunity to have a brief feedback conversation with Adam, if that is useful to them.

Please see the PDF Guide at the foot of the page for more details on volunteering with us.

There is no fee offered to volunteers. Bed and full board at Lawson Park (£350 per person) are covered by Grizedale Arts, and travel costs up to £100 per person are reimbursed.

2019 Winter / Spring Season

Application window: Nov 19 - Dec 10 2018
Volunteer Weeks:
Jan 7-11, Feb 4-8, March 4-8, April 1-5

This round has now closed - thanks to everyone who applied! Successful applicants will be notified by Dec 20 2018

2019 Summer Season

Application window: Feb 4-25 2019
Volunteer Weeks:
April 29-May 3, May 20-24, July 29-Aug 2

2019 Autumn / Winter Season

Application window: June 3-21 2019
Volunteer Weeks:
Sept 2-6, Sept 30-Oct 4, Oct 28-Nov 1, Nov 25-29

In 2019 there are 11 volunteer weeks across 3 seasons.
Each week hosts 4 volunteers together across a specific 5-day week at our residency base, Lawson Park. Each week’s volunteers will join various projects according to the organisation’s current activities, but as the Summer Season at Lawson Park demands considerable horticultural and outdoor work, it would be advisable to apply for these weeks if you have a particular interest or skills in such activities.

How To Apply

  • We are a small organisation, so for efficient administration we invite applications for volunteer places strictly within the Application Windows detailed above for each.

  • Please do not apply for more than one week per season.

  • Please tell us of any dietary requirements in your application. This help us plan ahead as we eat and cook together a lot.

  • Applications for 2019 Winter / Spring Season should be emailed to adam@grizedale.org and consist of a single attachment (.doc or PDF) of maximum 3 pages. The subject header of the email should include your full name.

  • It should include a C.V and a covering letter detailing your skills, interests and reason for applying.

  • We are looking for individual applicants, not couples or groups.

  • If for any reason you wish to withdraw your application or place please do so promptly so that we can re-allocate it so someone else.

  • We will endeavour to let you know the outcome of your application within 10 days of the close of the Application Window.

To hear what previous volunteers have said about the programme, watch our short film here.

Other Opportunities

We do still offer fully funded artist's residencies on irregular occasions. We advertise them here and in our newsletter.

We so still offer fully funded artist's residencies on irregular occasions. We advertise them here and in our Newsletter, and we are always happy to talk to artists about future possibilities and projects.
Lastly, we can help facilitate uncurated and self-programmed residencies are at a sister farm, Low Parkamoor, an off-grid house which can be hired for artists or groups to pursue a course of activity without too much critical input from Grizedale Arts. The deadline for this is ongoing, please have a look here for more about this special place.

NB: We prefer applications by email, but if you need to submit in an alternative format get in touch.

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