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Towards The Rising Sun

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Away from April Showers & Towards the Rising Sun


Ending Monday May 7:
The Land We Live In
The Land We Left Behind

Hauser & Wirth Somerset 
Durslade Farm, Dropping Lane, Bruton, Somerset BA10 0NL

Catch the hit show. Buy the tote bag. Listen to the feem toon.
This opus of a show curated by GA director Adam Sutherland romps around the subject of rural culture like a gambolling lamb chased by a fan-tailed Labradoodle, hitting all the big names and themes with curious examples, e.g. ‘Harvey’ record covers illustrating one of the key rural movements of the 20th century: Hip Hop (it’s a long story, that's one in the picture).
The exhibition ranges from historic to contemporary, fantasy to function, from 10th century hermits to 21st century Rural Urban Ruralists (hipsters frolicking in the hay).

Of the many rave reviews few seem to fully get it, appearing to be slightly unsettled by the incomprehensible madness of the rural mind-set. But here are a couple of exceptions, albeit one suggests that it is ‘slightly nuts’ (Frankly I have never been so insulted. Ed.). The public seem to get it though -  with over 30,000 visitors to date. Splendid.

Check out the  H&W website for an over-abundance of workshops and talks scheduled to celebrate the rural life of Somerset, including the upcoming:

Saturday May 5th at 3pm: Our Better Nature
One of those ‘in discussion’ kinda things.
Jessica Lack (author of Why are we Artists - 100 Manifestos), Adam Sutherland curator and director of Grizedale Arts, Fumihiko Sugimoto from ArtsMaebashi, (a humdinger of a museum in northern Japan) are joined by Simon Mayhew-Archer, writer and producer of BBC hit rockumentary ‘This Country’,  ‘probably the best depiction of rural life since Straw Dogs. (Are you sure you didn’t just say that? Ed. ). 

All Aboard The Seoul Train
(last joke of that nature thank you, it’s
unbelievably un-clever, Ed.)

April 12 – 20th 2018

We’re about to embark on a Boys Pottery Weekender - we are so going to wreck those Korean ceramics collections and museums. GA director and occasional pottery bore Adam Sutherland helps Aaron Angell, Mark Essen, and Tom Philipson to go large in Seoul and Busan.

We plan visits to the Gyeonggi Ceramics park and biennale, the Master of Brickmaking (an 80 year old female Living National Treasure and the only person who still holds The Knowledge), the historic kiln of master Shin Gyung-kyun, and the department of the Intangible National Asset Register. Plus workshops with the Master of Black Bamboo and a whole lot more. 

Follow the japes on Instagram at grizedale.arts & on #potterybantz

And the reason for this is?

We are preparing for a Philosophical Pottery Camp & Conference at Wysing Arts Centre outside Cambridge on 7–9th July (Wysing say pottery, Grizedale say brickmaking).

There will be Anagama kiln firing, making bricks and a brick clamp (more fun than it sounds) as well as a collection of people who think about things like ‘what’s the point’ and other philosophical positions on making things and contemporary validity. 

The event is free and open to all and you can come and stay and camp on flat hard clay ground. 
More information soon on Wysing’s website.

But back to Korea – and then by Ferry to Japan....
The Dream of Kiwanasato (Japan)  

The quest from the west continues with a revisit to the village of Kiwanasato and their 10 year dream.
We aim to set up a residency base there to host a myriad of projects and organisations. Anyone interested in agriculture, horticulture, cuisine, crafts, architecture, self-build, living an active life to a great age, eating black garlic and pruning a lot, get in touch. We are looking for partners to run parts of the programme, especially projects interested in learning/teaching, social cohesion, environmental and sustainability issues. 
Takeshi Hyatsu, Motoko Fujita and Aaron Angel will accompany this R & D trip. 

Follow the project on #dreamofkiwanasato

Coniston Institute Programme:
Audrey Grisedale & Sheila Gaitskell
 A Life in Stitche
28 May – 10 June 2018  

Opening Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 3–5pm Afternoon tea & an audience with the artists

Audrey Grisedale (no typo, no relation) and Sheila Gaitskell are life-long stalwarts of the creative community, always busy needle-working on projects ranging from the Ruskin Museum to Brantwood to heritage centres to leading the Coniston Crafts group. Beyond our locale, Audrey is perhaps best known for her topical knitted characters.  If it's on telly, she can knit it. These have been previously exhibited at Tate Britain, Van Abbe Museum, Frieze Art Fair and Hauser & Wirth. Audrey and Sheila are internationally represented by the Coniston Honest Shop

Audrey’s grandfather was Kurt Schwitters’ milkman back in the 1940’s and for the show we will be recreating the ‘lost Schwitters’ that Audrey grew up with on the wall at home.

Peter Hodgson at MIMA
(Middlesborough) in October 2018

A host of new works will be added for the next date in our Peter Hodgson, ‘Making, A Life’ touring retrospective – mainly paintings and a new subject, ‘The Human Circus’. 

This next iteration will be a selling exhibition for those with a Peter Hodgson-shaped hole in their lives. 

Another Big Push This Year:
The Road 

Building on the Central St Martins architecture students’ works last year with Takeshi Hyatsu, we are planning to redesign the space that runs between the Coniston Institute and the Ruskin Museum (hence the brick-making previously mentioned).

The Road also recalls one of John Ruskin’s most iconic projects for his elite Oxford University students – making them build an actual real road by hand in 1873.

Ours will reconnect Coniston's two institutions with a seamless parkland for learning, bringing to life Ruskin’s vision of a broad outdoor education. Local resources from bread making to gardening, liverwort appreciation and flower arranging, craft working and astronomy will become staples of daily life. 

A focal point of The Road - Takeshi Hyatsu’s Bread Oven -  is shortlisted for the Architects' Journal Small Projects Award too.

Tell Us What Grizedale Means To You

We are slightly being dragged through a hedge backwards by the Hamlyn Foundation as we endeavour to fulfil their requirements for making a funding application, now in its 5th glorious year of preparation. En route, we have designed a short survey for anyone who has worked with or alongside us, to help us track what we do to you and how. 

There have already been some humbling (thanks, Samra Mayanja - pictured!) and hilarious responses so far (I think that means you, Sarah McCrory, Ed.), so if you can donate your valuable time to our cause, please following this link to the short online survey.

Depending on your answers, it may help up us scrabble up that final summit to the pot of gold that there awaits the dedicated administrative mountain climber.  

2019: An Even Bigger Push Ahead

The Road project coincides with the 10-year anniversary of our mountainside HQ Lawson Park’s reawakening as a place of joyous collision, where Kinks star Ray Davies has mowed the lawn and the late great Ken Russell kept the whole house awake with his snoring.  
We’re planning a celebratory summer weekender for 2019.. You’re all invited  – we’ll decide on dates very soon.

Meanwhile at Lawson Park

New works are underway at basecamp.
Functional art works include a small hydro scheme and elegant water management system by Dublin-based Tom Watt, Tannad Williams and Andreas Knoblock (Could they come up with a collective name soon? Ed.).

Also afoot are the planning of alterations to the largest farm shed to create family accommodation, library rejuvenation courtesy of Kat Black, more no-dig kitchen gardening under cover, native tree-planting in our meadow, and the build of a vast new pantry (cool food store) and oriel window, finally affording us views across the valley (reflecting Ruskin’s own extension on Brantwood just down the hill). 

We are also delighted with our new colour-coded gates and looking forward to re-homing Charles Holland’s ‘Foundation Myths’ (10 bright yellow ceramic tree stumps) to be utilised in various functional guises around our land.

As ever, residential or local volunteers with skills and interests in any of the above are invited to get in touch

Other Things To Be Happy About x 3

Tania Bruguera does Tate

Congratulations to GA alumnus Tania B. Great to see Tate embrace the idea of use. Can Tania turn the Turbine Hall into some kind of power generator? Slight sense that it might be one of the signs of the apocalypse. 
Read all about the plans here.

Pictured: Tania writing the Manifesto of Art Util at our HQ Lawson Park back in 2014
Mr Burns becomes Magwag

Another mind bogglingly large congratulation, this time to Alistair Hudson, Board member and dear ex deputy director, who’s just stepped into directorship of the Manchester Art Gallery & Whitworth Art Gallery.  No doubt both institutions will soon be returned to useful function with hilarious consequences. 

Chicago Nous

Sweetwater Foundation in Chicago (an inspirational urban regeneration project) took part in A Fair Land, our 2016 show at IMMA in Dublin and also feature in the present Hauser & Wirth Somerset extravaganza. They are now  implementing some of the strategies and designs from the Fair Land and we look forward to working with them again this year.

Less Thrilling, But Hello Old Friends

GA stalwart and Our Favourite Swiss Person (and that’s a competitive field) Olaf Breuning (Pictured at Lawson Park in 2005) is in Britain now, doing a thing with CASS.
More on that here.

Another beloved alumnus Laure Prouvost has a show at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris this summer (June 20 - Sept 2). Surely some of the Grizedale-made teapots will feature.

And Ryan Gander achieves omnipresence, just the way we like him.
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