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Father Grizedale's Christmas Newsletter

Bearing in mind the emphasis on products this year we offer you the full range and nothing else – the news is in there somewhere (and the message), might take a bit of getting used to. All for sale here

Products of A Fairland

Currently showing at Coniston Institute till Nov 6th, full programme here – tour dates through 2017 to be announced

The project may have been expensive and complex (blame the admin) but the products aren’t – super basic, stripped down beyond underwear while still retaining function as paramount. No product involves any skill and can be made by anyone in less than 15 minutes (now that’s what I call a sales pitch, Ed.) – prices are determined by time @ £1 per minute plus production costs (variable).


* Fairland money/badge/button/stamp – pretty buttons with a bitter message
* Peeled cups, bowls and spoons - shaved with a potato peeler (rash? Ed.)
* Hayfoot strawfoot slippers – to help the countryman/woman tell left from right and proceed on the appropriate route
* Fairland pickles (your money back if you still have this in your fridge in a year)
* Apron/cloth/scarf/bag – potato enhanced domestic wear, unisex of course, fits anything
* Stool/tray/basket – or in combination can create all kinds of furniture – (30 minute making time apols. (I should think so this is straying into the world of high end Ed.))
* Multi use bowl – all you really need (maybe a spoon too. Ed), cast from the crop
* Fairland publication – some further reading and instructions
* Local function reform vases – Mike, Peter, Anne, see shop for latest

And if you want to make it yourself – watch the sexy instruction videos here

House of Ferment

The theatrical incarnation of the Lawson park larder soon to end its wanderings and to be installed in Lawson Park’s new giant larder. In the words of the song I've been to Paris.... (don't click on that, really don't Ed.) These ones took a bit longer to make plus there was no conceptual tomfoolery so we just charge whatever we feel like.

Products including:

* ‘Bedwyr’ – pickle jar and ear weights – get your fingers into Bog man Bedwyr Williams (or finger just the ears, you can order them with a gold earring for that special touch)
* Large jugs to make your other jugs look and feel inadequate (I need that Ed.)
* Kitchen bowl – versatile large bowls for fermenting and a whole lot more (stoneware 1280c for total imperviousness (I need that as an antidote to the former Ed.)
* Even larger pickle jars - for those into deep pickle
* Kimchi - fermented cabbage village style.
* Sarah Staton storage jars

Village Table

Coniston village community catering company, home produce, obscure local products, hobby chefs – perfect for all large scale entertainment requirements, weddings, birthdays and any other celebration you can think of. To book contact

The HoF range includes:

* Just talk over me vase – designed for specifically for dinner table use
* Salt and pepper eyes – Laure Provoust’s home wares
* Engraved glasses – Peter Hodgson’s animal interactions
* Crap (your nationality inserted up here) t-towel – for anyone that feels they don’t live up to their nationhood
* Ladle – ceramic ladles for all occasions, liquids and solids
* Colander – because we all need to drain things
* Table cloth – random potato prints, and napkins – assorted lino cuts by the table’s friends

Going to School New York

Niamh Riordan and Francesca Ulivi are off to represent Grizedale at the Alternative Art School Fair in Brooklyn at the Pioneer Works, they made our logo look like Bart Simpson - I guess that's ok, prefer Homer obvs. Could be fun if you are in NYC 19th - 20th Nov, drop by and make some pasta.

Adam is off to Helsinki to talk about residencies at one of those talk about residencies things (the draw of Helsinki - calm, nicely designed place) 16th - 18th November if you are passing.

Francesca selected this image to represent the Art school project - not too sure whose head it is, but that's definitely my drill.

Range of posters inc. 'The Super Heavy New New Rules of Public Art' and T shirts available including the perennial 'You dont have to be liminal to work here', check the shop for the latest prodcuts.

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