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Jobs of Grizedale Edition - April 2015

Postings to the colonies

New jobs in the offing (is that anywhere near the gloaming? Ed.) – consider this an advertisement of a kind.

Grizedale Arts’ office is moving from Lawson Park to the Coniston Institute and is looking for 2 new members of staff, for Communications and Education. Both posts are lead roles that will be key to the development and success of the integrated model of arts organisation, Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum, as well as the actual village and environs, farms and other rural businesses. Ability to see washing up as a work of art essential.

Full job descriptions of a relatively serious kind are available here

Things on shelves

Following a successful showing at the Glasgow School of Art, Reid Gallery, After Ford 151 - The Politics of Craft returns home, alongside further prodigals from the Van Abbe Museum and other scattered alumni of the Lawson park collection, only to find usurpers have taken their places (like this hot Song Dynasty (style) wine jar from the 12th Century – which has no rights whatsoever to be here – where does it conceptually fit? Ed.), much vying ensues.

Reunited and it feels quite good

We are pleased to welcome Anchorhold to Lawson Park, now perched in the near vertical woodland garden and offering unsupported solitude overlooking Coniston water and the Old Man. We have also re-embraced Octavia the pig, The Honest Shop is re-open, re-painted and in full swing, and we have temporarily re-embraced Fernando Garcia Dory’s dirty cheese machine; back in brief actual use before it flies off to showcase in another exhibition. (The balance between symbolic and practical is getting a little out of whack, can someone adjust that? Ed.)


A morsel of retrospective press attention is to be found in this review by Jessica Lack, that didn’t make the Guardian but will appear in Dazed (nice Ed.). The director is portrayed as being only lightly crazed (being Ed. and sub Ed. isn’t helping. Ed. or sub Ed.) Jessica and the said lightly fried can shortly be heard on Radio 4 doing a show on public art and why it is so frigging great, or not – Today! at 11.30am – true to form we’ve told you just in time for you to miss it completely - listen again here:

All Of This Belongs To You, 1st April – 19th July - V&A

Examining the role of public institutions in contemporary life. As part of the events programme for the exhibition, GA director will be discussing the role of Grizedale Arts in a panel discussion called Craft as Urbanism - 19th June 2015.

Howgill Family Centre

A new children’s clothes shop and making project – The Shop. Designed by An Endless Supply, with help from the GA team including Pippa Martin, Kirsty Roberts, Ian Whiteoak and Katrina Black. Look out for vital new products like blankets to be sick on, breast-feeding shawls to be sick on and various other items to be sick on.

The Shop opened on the 9th March, long may it reign. An online version will be launched shortly, in the meantime some other products to be sick on are available at the Grizedale Arts online shop.

Cricket Jimney?

Coniston Cricket Pavilion gets planning permission on appeal (of course it does Ed.). Now the work starts to raise the funds to self-build the beast. We will be launching a crowd funding appeal in the late spring - top perks include a Shippam’s Paste high tea, getting repeatedly hit with a hard shiny red leather ball, having a shower with 11 men from a small village.

House of Ferment

We are having fun researching the forthcoming House of Ferment project – making pickled head storage jars with Bedwyr Williams, prepping tables with Laure Provoust, and generally getting research happy on fermenting things. The project will open in London for the Science Gallery at Kings College from 6th – 11th July to open their advance programme, before touring eccentrically across Europe and Asia

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