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Son of God - Grizedale Christmas Shopping Special

As the Grizedale office team gird up their loins for the big push – the dormant growler that is the next application for an Arts Council National Portfolio 3-year funding agreement - Christmas ushers itself unconvincingly through the swing doors of outrageous fashion.

Grizedale’s ground breaking idea that everyone has to pay for everything from now on (I’ve never really considered that to be an idea - Ed.) prompts us to flagrantly exploit a recent piece of good fortune in the marketing of rope.

Yes Laure Prouvost’s triumphant Turner Prize exhibition returns to its birthplace with a triumphal open top Land Train tour of Coniston – get out your cheap exploitation teapots, tea towels and Charles De Gaulle fake noses and wave your armistice in the air like you just don’t want to.

The highly observant may pick up the theme as their eyes scroll downward. (Or scroll upward in dismay – Ed.)

Wantee? (No milk-in-it please – Ed.)(Jeezus – sub. Ed.)

Ruskin Museum, Coniston Institute, Coniston,

Coniston: 25 January – 9 March 2014

Local French Turner Prize Winning Artist Laure Prouvost (that is your new name now Laure, get used to it) will be showing her Turner Prize winning wares in the Ruskin Museum in Coniston opening the afternoon of January 25th. The Work (do they still say that kind of thing in art world? Ed) called Wantee was lovingly crafted by Laure here in Coniston with contributions from the good hands of the community including Peter Hodgson, local German artist Kurt Schwitters, The Coniston Youth Club and the feral potters of the Grizedale woods.

The Ruskin Museum and the Coniston Institute collaborate with an exhibition and performance hand reared (and fell bred while you’re at it – Associate.Ed.) in the valley. For the opening Coniston Youth Club will perform their acclaimed and seminal work ‘Tearoom’.

A limited edition Laure Prouvost Wantee Teapot is now available in time for Christmas at the Grizedale Arts online store. (are you trying to get rid of these or what? Deputy Ed.)

Laure in Coniston Tea Towel Laure in Coniston Tea Towel

Good News From Nowhere

(Is that about the Economy Stupid? Ed)

Architecture Foundation 3 – 20 December, Tooley Street, that there London.

“ and Grizedale Arts present an exhibition and accompanying events programme exploring the construction of cultural spaces in the countryside.” (Pith helmets on, forked sticks to hand – Ed)

The by now grossly over featured Honest Shop and Audrey Grizedale’s Knitted Carrots venture south yet again along with products in fur and feather, fat and foul - Groucho Marx over features advised.

Also on show will be a selection of the Coniston Cricket Pavilion Open Call architecture entries plus the shortlisted three plus the announcement of the competition winner.

Also also on the 17th December GA Director Adam Sutherland, on the day of his 60th birthday (he dyes his hair - Ed), will explain what is good about news from the countryside. Deputy Alistair Hudson will also support to try and give a positive spin on things. (If there is one thing worse than the bleak truth it’s a positive spun – Guest Ed)

Vocalisig the Yokel Vocalisig the Yokel

Honest Shop Export at the Museum of Arte Util

Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands: 7 December – 30 March 2014

Despite the wall building German collective and the wall phobic Tania ‘Prize Winning But Not as Prize Winning as Fernando Dory Garcia’ Brugera, the Coniston Honest Shop is stretching itself to straddle the yawning divide with offers of all things surreal in the knitted and baked requisites and export only wares (Don’t mention the wall? Ed.).

The Museum of Useful Art is a ‘game changing’ part of the Uses of Art project that we are doing with the Internationale confederation of European museums that also includes the Useful Art Association project with Ikon, MIMA and Tate Liverpool, which reminds us that you can also go now and see/work in the Office of Useful Art within Art Turning Left: How Values Changed Making 1789–2013 at Tate Liverpool until 2nd February. (That’s a link worthy of a Radio 1 DJ c.1981 – Ed) (Leaves you panting a bit – such a long sentence sub.Ed.)

Tribute to Shian Schwiteoak Tribute to Shian Schwiteoak

Ruskin Museum Super Honest Shop

December 12 – February 23, Ruskin Museum Coniston

The Coniston Honest shop does pop up in the Ruskin Museum– the higher value items that require that extra element of honesty (a guard – Ed.) will be on the shelves for Christmas, including antiques and pertinent curios hand selected by a local arts and crafts enthusiast. Keswick School of Industrial Arts, Ruskin lace, Coniston wood carving school, Whitefriars, Simpsons of Kendal, Gordon Russell and many other associated special things. All administered with the added value of an effervessent Cumbrian with specialist knowledge, a ready wit and a finely turned ankle.

Keswick School Toast Rack - Anyone? Keswick School Toast Rack - Anyone?

Coniston Honest Shop (Honestly that’s enough Honesty – Ed)

Coniston Institute, North Coniston, Coniston – open everyday till and beyond the darkest day (21st Dec)

Offering all the usual in local produce, ideal Christmas gifts, unique, interesting and generally of some use – wood, stone, wool and bone, knitted, sewn, carved, molded, masticated and massacred among other popular techniques. (Have you got anything in the extruded line – Ed?) (Funny you should say that but I was just looking at extruders on ebay. sub Ed.)(No really, I was for Laure's installation - Sub Ed.)(This really is extruding a flacid joke beyond material integrity - Ed.)

Honestly... Honestly...

Direct from the Manufacturer

For those not able to make the pilgrimage to any of the Honest Shop franchises and lookylikes a range of unique Christmas gifts are availbale at very special prices direct from our Online Retail Consumer Interface

One Day in Grizedale is Worth Two Thousand Years in Birmingham – a photographic work by the Yangjiang Group– get it while it is not hot – co-produced with Eastside Projects and featured at last years Colosseum of the Consumed spectacle at Frieze projects – All the calligraphic bad boy foodlings of the Yangjiang for the special Christmas price of £3000 (how much, are you insane? sub Ed.)(No, really original retail was 6500 Euros – China Ed.)

Laure Provost Wantee Teapot – a useful work of art in a keenly priced edition 100 - £100 – with authentic authentication certificate – currently reselling on ebay for 4 times that.

Wantee Tea Towel – as worn on TV - £20 – best Ulster Linen, guaranteed wiperbility . Every towel hand printed by small children in a rural sweat shop. All proceeds to the Sherbert Fountain Foundation.

Ruskin Heads and monuments to dead ducks, Marcus Coates Christmas Shits and so many more artists editioned land fill items available on our web shop:

One day in Grizedale... One day in Grizedale...

Bin Ends

Warsaw – if you’re there – there is a Grizedale Arts talk at the MOMA on 16th Jan 2014.

If you miss that (there’s quite a lot on in Warsaw that night? - Ed) then catch 'Renewing the Function of Art - a Contemporary Arts and Crafts Movement at the Artworkers Guild, Bloomsbury, TT London on the 27th March.

And if you miss that you can try a last ditch attempt at The Present and Future of Participatory Art Practice at ARCO Madrid, February 20th.

The edited highlights of the 2013 John Ruskin Memorial Lecture by philosopher Simon Critchley are now available on ArtPlayer in glorius HD

Oh and Trade Show at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, a survey of artist led shops – always like to mention something we are not in (I can not imagine how they missed us with all that shop action you’ve been on about. Ed)

Artworkers Guild Artworkers Guild

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