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Zun de Grizedale – European Edition

Zut Alors! (or the slapstick edition?) Grizedale Arts goes Europhile as we spend the month tap dancing around the continent like an unleashed Roy Castle pumped up on fois gras (make sure you watch the link for some serious unleashed Castle Sauvage).

Laure Prouvost Wants T Prize ('Hello Hello' edition? - Ed.)

Aimer un canard! (Or as we say in this country **** a duck) London Based French artist Laure Prouvost’s work Wantee (jointly commissioned by Grizedale Arts and Tate) about a German wacko, has only gone and got her shortlisted for the Turner Prize, in the year the Turner goes overseas (and a little bit zany in Derry UK). Laure's contemporary conceit is a collage of cross continental collaboration, even featuring the work of another Grizedale comrade Peter Hodgson (see his wall). For those who haven't seen Wantee yet catch it at Tate Britain until 12 May – it’s in the 'Schwitters in Britain' exhibition, second to last room a la gauche. The set for the film at Lawson Park is now a deep writing pod for total cerebral sublimation. We expect a full double page in the Barrow Evening News should be shortly.

Grizedale Wins Euromillions

Our project with the Internationale consortium of European museums, avec le titre Sportif The Uses of Art – The Legacy of 1848 and 1989, has been awarded a grant of 2.5million Euros by the European Union. The five year project will occupy us all with exhibitions, projects, research and general pan-European hands across the ocean (shouldn’t that be channel or straits.- Ed.) stuff with Van Abbemuseum, Reina Sofia, SALT, MACBA, MKHA, Moderna Museet, and research with Liverpool John Moores University, Ghent School of Art and Hildesheim University. (Is that the one where that funder had an issue with quality of partners? – Ed) All kicks off with a summit with our new friends in Madrid June 14-16.

Artists re-orientation awards – for those on the right side of the road.

Fed up with chasing the rich? Are you an artist? Embarrassed about it? Find yourself going the wrong way down a cul-de-sac? Found yourself on a one-way system heading down Bond St? The deadline for the artists re-orientation programme is Friday 3 May and hardly anyone has applied. We are looking for artists or creative individuals who would like to re-direct their work towards something more useful, constructive and widely valued in ordinary life. We will do our best to make sure you don't get represented by a gallery or win the Turner prize. For more details on how to apply go here

French Cricket - (Yeh that's really nothing to do with cricket, it's like a game for French people or something. - Ed.)

Cricket is not commonly known or appreciated in Europe, some might say it is undertaken precisely to alienate us from our European family and the Scotch. None the less, we are undertaking an open call to architects and design teams across national boundaries to design a new Pavilion for Coniston Cricket Club. Kathrin Boehm and Hydar Dewachi. Have put together a briefing website for the competition and there is still until June 10 to submit designs. An exhibition of the entries will be on show at the Coniston Institute 21- 30 June.

Anchorhold (Is that something to do with the Ron Burgundy* sequel - Ed)

From May 30 to June 5 Grizedale Arts will be heading to the cleaner northern extremities of Europe to build an Anchorhold, a project for Hai Art on the island of Hailuoto, north Finland in the good company of architect Charlie Sutherland and artist Marcus Coates.

Gripping fact of the week - An Anchorhold was a cell like building on the periphery of villages where people of great faith would be walled in, with only a small hole through which the goodly neighbours could feed them – not far off a medieval Big Brother (another brilliant idea for a reality show - Ed). The Hailuoto Anchorhold will be similarly inward looking, providing a wide range of one to one therapy for community members with problems to solve, questions to ask, ideas to evolve. Including primal, speech, alcohol, fishing, backgammon, physio, retail, development and strategy therapies not to mention fishing through a hole in the ice).

(* Finally a contemporary reference in the newsletter - Ed)

Continental Philosophy for Locals - "Rude Mechanicals: art, humour, and the politics of making – Simon Critchley in conversation with Charlie Gere"

This years John Ruskin Memorial Lecture is at 6.30pm on Sunday 26 May at the Coniston Institute. Professor Charlie Gere of Lancaster University will be talking to Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York (that’s not Europe – Ed, but they think it is). One of Simon’s leading strands of thought is that philosophy starts in disappointment (he’ll be right at home with Ruskin surely one of the world's most disappointed men – Ed). The event will be recorded for the New Mechanics Library. Tickets £5 on the door includes dinner (we were thinking of brawn and brains). Advance booking essential – email (PS what happened to the much lauded annual Plastic Bertrand Memorial Lecture? – Ed)

Eels in Eindhoven

13th – 15th May back over to Eindhoven to plan the Museum of Arte Util with the Van Abbemuseum for December 2013 in which Tania Bruguera turns the museum over to art that actually does something. Amongst other things we’ll be looking at how to plant Brussels Sprouts in Piet Oudolf’s seminal prairie planted entrance, talking to a Dutch eel man about slipping elvers into the pond to relive the opening of the Tin Drum and offer an eel based cuisine in the cafe (wot, like a metre long eel hot dog with relish (Elvis reference) – Ed)

VAM soon to be the MUA VAM soon to be the MUA

Pies in the Pool - 20th May

Lawson Park kitchen will be raising stencil topped pies and leading a workshop at the 2 Up 2 Down Bakery as part of Jeanne Van Heeswjk's project for the Liverpool Biennial - followed by a talk about all things Grizedale at the Camp and Furnace on the 21st May 7pm all welcome.

Un-gripping wiki- fact of the week is the the foliage in the beak of the Liverbird is in fact seaweed. A concession from the original idea to make Liverpool’s emblem a dark pond of seaweed. (I’d like to see that on the left breast of Suarez’ shirt, might stop him nibbling between meals – Ed)

Autre News

Finally a big thank you again to Maria Benjamin for her commitment and huge contribution to Grizedale and the village. Though there is never an escape – she has been performing with Laure Prouvost this Saturday at Tate in the 'Wantee' installation and will be acting as guest chef for our Poet's Tribute to Paul Muldoon Dinner on May 7th.

We will shortly be interviewing for ‘the New Marie’, as she/he will undoubtedly be called in the village for the next six years and look forward to having a new addition to the Parish.

Grizedale Parish Alumni Bedwyr Williams and Jeremy Deller will both be representing their respective countries at the Venice Biennale this year so congratulations to them both. Water Yeat Village Hall will no doubt be adding another press cutting or two to their Jeremy Deller shrine in the kitchen, next to his and Alan’s tea urn.

Tool Academy - vous etes juste un outil! Thrilled to announce the structure (the actual bits of wood) of our 'experintal' Jerwood show has now become the Lawson Park Tool Academy - where we keep our tools.

Thrilled to announce the completion of Peter Hodgson's wall of cats making faces and other animals looking blank - soon to be featured in House and Garden's special on Lawson Park and the Coniston Institute - (soon like September Ed).

Invisible College weekender: Delighted to welcome the Invisible College for le weekend de 10 – 12 May at Lawson Park and Low Parkamoor - a research visit for the development of the very special St Peter's Seminary near Cardross, Scotchland - (visit soon before they close the borders to the English. Ed.).

Mill Hill School will be performing their annual concert in the Coniston Institute on Wednesday 22nd May - 7pm see poster for details. (As one villager said last year in an outraged tone, 'I wouldn't have known anything about it if I hadn't seen the poster'. - Ed.)

The Tool Academy will be built. The Tool Academy will be built.

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