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Sun of Grizedale - Summer Sun Edition


A summer of rain with scattered showers and the occasional downpour. Those plants are in a hurry to get it on and procreate - we do slightly run behind, wiping up the mess and disposing of the prophylactics (weeds). However we look forward to a bumper year with a vast new poly tunnel surely putting us in the running for the big tomato prize at the local show. This year’s Coniston and Torver Garden Club Annual Show is Sunday 2nd September at the John Ruskin School. Grizedale Arts will be running the now traditional 'One Vegetable Café' (3 years in a village makes it a tradition). This year the vegetable is THE BEETROOT with a range of international recipes exploring the dialogical space between beetroot and notions of what can be called food. (No Rhyzomic Liminality? Ed.)

Lawson Park will be joining in on the day opening the gardens as part of the National Garden Scheme, other local gardens will also be open - 'what a day to visit - the access to gardens and cake is unsurpassed.  Latest garden update - we have identified 10 of the 11 British slugs working the garden - the 11th works underground and has a shell. What with the scourge of mice, slugs and volunteers we may have nothing left.

Coniston Honest Shop

Coniston Institute, Yewdale Road, Coniston, LA21 8DU, daily 0900 to 1700hrs

The Coniston Institute Honest Shop is now open for business. Designed by polyfolio practitioners An Endless Supply (known to us as Harry and Larry) with a hard-edged manifesto, this is something close to the Armageddon endgame of ethical consumption lifestyle experiences that The Guardian has been predicting for years. Product ranges include 'Intemperate Youth's Temperance Cordials' (produced by Coniston Youth Club), 'The Angry Farmer' range of raw meats, 'I’ve Got Absolutely No Idea Whatsoever' local souvenirs, alongside misshapen vegetables and knitted covers for everything from extended (I deleted this one - Ed.) to individual Ferro Roche. Typically for a haven of visitor experience tranquility, the money tin was stolen on day two. But we shall persevere; it’s going be honest to the point of wonton cruelty.

Truth value makes an appearance at the Institute

The Annual John Ruskin Memorial Lecture: Charles Esche: Living in Historical Times

Thursday 26 July, 1900-2000hrs with refreshments

Coniston Institute, Yewdale Road, Coniston, LA21 8DU

John Ruskin only ever gave one formal lecture in the Coniston Institute, although the whole project of the building could be read as one. And I suspect there wasn’t a huge interest from the miners in his subject - Corinthian detailing. None-the-less lectures done the right way can be a galvanizing experience, especially with a few quality snacks thrown in. On this occasion we are thrilled and delighted to welcome Charles Esche, Director of the Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven (the museum everyone is talking about these days) to speak on the above subject. Charles can always be relied upon to shed some coherence upon the chaos of the human trajectory so we recommend this one, but do book, as the Coniston History Society will be occupying a few seats I would think. Booking essential on the usual lines of enquiry.

Charles Esche

Coniston Institute Grand Unveiling

Coming soon....Coniston Institute, Yewdale Road LA21 8DU

A communal push and pull in the village of Coniston has resulted in a new lease of life for the Coniston Institute, formerly the Coniston Mechanics Institute. This major re-visioning has been built around, well, putting it back how it was in 1898. So the New Reading Room is re-visioned as a room you might read in (also available for family dinners, weddings and stern lectures) the kitchen is re-visioned as a room you might want to cook in, the shop is re-visioned as place you might want to buy something and the library - you get the idea.  To keep Master Ruskin’s original vision alive the building is being replenished with artistic creations furnished from the Grizedale stable of associates including Liam Gillick, An Endless Supply, Darren Almond, Emi Uemura and Pablo Bronstein. Whilst Ebay has provided a new art collection of Lakeland landscapes from the likes of Sidney Percy (some people have heard of him), Maud Claude Hall and W A Poucher the celebrated transvestite mountaineer and perfumier (mascara and gold lame in a mountain hut – a standard I say. Ed). The ‘taxidermied’ albino Otter stuffed by a Kalahri bush man with no access to matters Otter returns to its perch (I see what you mean. Ed.). We are just waiting for confirmation on the celebrity ribbin cutter, but keep your diary free later in August and watch the website for news.

The Institutional Otter

Cumbria County Council Library Services

Coniston Institute, Coniston, Coniston

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 0900 - 1700 hrs

The refurbished Coniston Institute now includes the newly designed lending library by Liam Gillick, like the shop it is also run on an honesty basis, except upgrading the technology of a money tin to a bar code scanner to digitally and seamlessly return that over-thumbed large print copy of Fifty Shades of Grey for Fors Claigera Volume VII. Or vice versa. Whilst proving very popular (the library, not Fors Clavigera), we have a cohort of villagers gagging to highlight to Liam the multiple deficiencies of the structure - practical men wanting to be practical, which seems to mean making extraordinarily ugly things that don’t have a function. The library is now open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9.00 – 5.00 and otherwise available for hire as a private meeting room for hearing tests, MP surgeries and PhD viva voce.

Books on a Gillick shelf

Frieze Projects

October 17th - 21st, Regents Park, London.

Talkin’ bout fud – Grizedale is disturbed to be doing one of the Frieze Projects this year– and so is everyone else. The Yangjiang Group’s Cricket Pavilion (an idea for a Coniston Cricket Pavilion that made in Birmingham with Eastside Projects) will be the forum for a collection of performances, talks, installations and food stalls drawn from the old and new programme. Here we will be attempting to bite several of the hands that feed us from the foodie culture, eco lot, art crew and crowd.  It may also be possible to get in a vicious attack on the state of public funding, though doing anything with the super rich puts the Arts Council into a ‘roll over tickle my belly’ mode.

Yangjiang's colosseum of food - a colonosseum?

Other news: who’s in, who’s out, who’s who

Grizedale Arts: Use Value and the Little Society is an article in the latest issue of Afterall bigging up Coniston and it's local arts organisation. Adam Chodzko and Laure Provost will be in and out this summer as they work on their commissions for the Schwitters in Exile exhibition at Tate Britain in January 2014. Youth Club every Wednesday 4.30 til 6.00 at the Coniston Institute. Tate Liverpool’s Young Tate coming for a residential 22-25 July with a film night at the Institute on the Tuesday - Endlessly fingered youth made snacks and refreshments available in the interval. Resident artist Mat Do brought the Egremont paint making co-operative to Coniston to pass on the knowledge of how to make paint from the local slate. Ray Davis joins the board – delighted he had the good cool not to do the Queens birthday – suspect he joined the Duke in feigning illness rather than becoming ill. 

Egremont paint making co-operative workshop

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