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Son of Grizedale #5 - March 2009

Full Rights of Spring Issue
‘The snouts go shooting’
Christopher Lloyd

Everything Must Go (on)
(Paul Young? Ed.)

As we batten down the hatches for the encroaching depression and watch those industrious eastern Europeans return to their suddenly wealthier homelands (I did hear a bloke down the local pub say that Polish artists were working for half that of home grown talent) there are some signs of growth beyond the snowdrops.

Apparently a deep recession is the perfect time for creativity and new beginnings, as any of our readers old enough to remember (or know of the fossils of) the YBA period of 20 years ago will testify. (Most of them weren’t even born. Ed.) As we speak, the final finishes are being applied to the reborn Lawson Park, Grizedale Arts’ proto-futuristic 14th century barn conversion new model art institution and super-connected thought shower facility (think tanks are not so eco friendly and these days, bran tubs are full of fashionable Japanese pickles).

Pre-announcement: - (there seems to be a vogue for it these days, Ed.)
Lawson Park Openings

Architects: Sutherland Hussey
Builder: Leck of Barrow
Interior commissions by Adam Chodzko, Laura Davies, Pablo Bronstein, Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Olaf Breuning, Kerry Stewart, Ryan Gander, Martino Gamper, Jonathan Meese and local practitioners Peter Hodgson, Peter Inman, Janet Sargeant and Brian Millar. Gardens designed by Karen Guthrie working closely with Mother Nature

In fact before the tiles have been grouted properly, we are delighted (see SoG Issue 2) to announce that Sir Nicholas Serota* is to officially open the building for the art glitterati and those that glitter not, and equally ecstatic that Eric Robson** is to inaugurate the building for the locals. But, as in the words of Harry Hill, which one is best?
There’s only one way to find out……

25th June 2pm to 5pm  - with a few words from Mr Eric Robson - accompanied by a range of international exotica.
10th July 2pm to 5pm - with a few words from Mr Nick Serota - accompanied by a range of local exotica.
RSVP to one or t’other please. Almost all welcome but you do have to walk up - no cars - and you do have to leave before night falls.
There will be a mini bus on the go all afternoon for those that need it.

Does Research,
Shoots and Leaves

Talking of celebrities visiting Lawson Park (see SoG Summer 09 ‘Heat’ Issue***) none other than BBC Countryfile’s Ellie Hargreaves (not exactly Nicole Kidman. Ed) and full on TV crew descended on Lawson Park for some tea and cake and catch up with what’d been happening at Grizedale since they last came in 1990.
Your erstwhile deputy director (has he left or been promoted or is this just a wrong use of the word as in our local arts journalist who had a period of describing artists as artisans until someone explained that wasn’t a clever word for artist  - it meant something altogether different) did his best to explain in three minutes whilst walking along in that ‘slowly walking and chatting and nodding in a field’ mode oft favoured by TV.

Seeing as our Board, the general public and ourselves, struggle to understand what we do, I shall refer all to the Sunday morning broadcast sometime in May, as long as I haven’t been edited down to just an artful nod. Or maybe that’s just it (it’s all in the arch of the neck. Ed.).

Good to see more Grizedale produce hitting the markets as Marcus Coates, Nathaniel Mellors and Olivia Plender show their wares in Nicholas Bourriaud’s much awaited Tate Triennial: Altermondernism (in which post colonial and Po-mo thought patterns are replaced by radicant decolonising and cross-global regroupings). Nat’s Giant Bum film (a film in a bum – that is sooo
radicant colonial), commissioned for our and Olivia’s Kibbo Kift project for the Coniston Water Festival figure large, as does the ever present Son of Grizedale himself, Marcus Coates (Goldsworthy for the 90’s)...
Next Triennial watch out for the next Grizedale generation of broad beans, parsnips and (erstwhile, Ed.) fell-bred organic ginger capercaille.

The Dictatorship of Art

We are currently working with Robert Eikmeyer and Jonathan Meese on a performance lecture on the Dictatorship of Art to be broadcast from the Vittoriale degli Italiani  - Museum to the Futurist poet legend, militarist and founder of the world’s first artist run state Gabriel d’Annunzio d’Annunzio (and erstwhile slapheed lothario, Ed.) On June 5 it’s to be beamed live into your computer screen c/o a sophisticated funding strategy now underway.

Place your orders now for Jonathan’s overpainted d’Unnunzio photographs and limited edition Meese grappa now at
It’s a great time to invest in one thing or another.....

The Tatorship of Art -
Grizedale Arts &
The National Trust present: POTATOES

Plant potatoes now and get fat next winter.
Potato planting afternoon at Monk Coniston walled garden, Coniston, Wed. 15th April 2009,   2 - 5pm - an afternoon of light work and heavy tea. Potato varieties will include -  Maris Peer (organic) nice flowers, good eating, blight resistant and various heritage odd bods, like Skerry Blue, Shetland Black and Highland Red  - or bring along your own favourites (potatoes or cakes). Act now, reap later.

Free event, gum boots recommended, additional tools welcomed but not essential. Meet at Monk Coniston Walled Garden - walk up from Coniston Water - follow marked footpath.
For further info call Adam or Lisa on the number above.

Low Parkamoor

Grizedale Arts’ uncurated, undirected and unfunded residency base at Low Parkamoor is now taking bookings for Summer 2009. 3 twin bedrooms, no bathroom, no gas, no electricity, no road but a heap load of space for thought showers and a composting toilet. (are these things related? Ed.).

A must for European art collectives and artists who’ve recently ended a relationship.
Or just need the impetus to.

There is No Life But Wealth

Serendipitously, after making our baseball cap of the same phrase (you know the one in which the embroiderer at Coniston Corporate correctly pointed out it “was all a bit, well, overthought”) we are now working in collaboration with The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester (WAG) on a major exhibition for September 2010 to re-visit the later (erstwhile, Ed.) thinking of John Ruskin, basically when he started to get angry and become more interested in changing the world, dressing up as a crow and railing against modernity, offering soup reciepes to assuage all ills and lose the battle against frivolity and freedom (sounds a bit overthought. Ed). What the show will be exactly is in discussion, a tussle between historical fact and artefact versus a cross-cultural mind carousel – on a tilt.
Watch this space - or one near it - for forthcoming related opportunities, residencies and projects.

Vaguely Pertinent Yet Oblique Filler Quote of the Quarter:

“Better the rudest work that tells a story or records a fact, than the richest without meaning”
John Ruskin, Lamp of Memory
*For those readers not familiar with the world of art, Sir Nicholas Serota is the famous Director of Tate and Lord of All Art in the in the United Universe Kingdom.

**For those readers not familiar with world outside art, Eric Robson is a famous local and host of Gardener’s Question Time on BBC
Radio 4. Rather less well known is the fact that he is the chairman of the Cumbria Tourist Board.

*** eg. Ryan Gander -  hot or not!?
Celebrity cellulite. Every artist’s worst fashion nightmare - the pictures.

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