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Son of Grizedale #3 - July 2008

Sun of Grizedale
Born July 2008

The Placard Waving Issue
(well everyone else is doing random May ‘68 gigs)
‘Under the floorboards of the forest….’

Summertime is the time for protest/festivals, for making a stand and shouting/dancing. Whilst there’s much to shout about in the Lake District there’s no one to hear you scream as they’re too busy at a conference about 110% penetration of new media creative industries or setting a press release free.
Or on holiday/research trip in the Maldives with James Moores.

Stack Happily
Fresh back from the Peoples Republic of China and the first phase of our project
Happy Stacking (our super-engaged altermodern project in China in collaboration with Vitamin Creative Space and the Zhongheng Ecotourism Company) and we are all fired/lined up for a revolution.

What do we want?
A new dynamic pioneering art project to synthesise a new world vision!
When do we want it?
As soon as we’ve filled in the Arts Council and British Council evaluation forms and answered the questions about accountability, equal opportunity and good management (had these measures been in place it would have helped Mao avoid those pitfalls).

In the meantime go to for more.
Vitamin were happy, Zhongheng Ecotourism were happy, we were happy, the villagers were happy, The British Council were happy.
Mathieu Briand wasn’t…

Bigging up Cumbria
What do we want?
A new Cumbrian tourism marketing officer dedicated to promoting the new face of culture in Cumbria with a budget of £380k!
When do we want it?
As soon as we’ve finished hiding and excusing the awful ‘artist designed’ Guardian insert promoting the new face of culture in Cumbria.

Great to see the powers in the land (err, Cumbria) in action. The recent Guardian insert to promote Cumbria as a contemporary cultural destination (sic, the Editor) consisted of a tiny booklet of nocturnal ‘images’, and the claim that Cumbria was a molten crucible of creativity.
Shame they couldn’t find room for the the Wordsworth Trust’s recent Daniel Buren sail boat performance or Jeremy Deller & Alan Kane’s first public work (Creative Egremont’s ‘Greasy Pole’) or our very own Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope and their big fat Northern Art Prize, or, or, or...........
SOG would like to apologize to anyone that was offended by the mentions of Grizedale or Grizedale-related artists within this publication, although we’d be incredulous if anyone read it. Fortunately it’s not available online for posterity.

Cumbria Culture - or CuCu as they seem to have rather inadvisedly renamed themselves - learnt at their last meeting that their entire raison d’etre had ‘been withdrawn’.
KooKoo’s response to the devastating news of their 'demise' was to immediately speculate on how they would keep CaCa going – bearing in mind they had in effect 'ceased to be' that they were in effect 'no more'. They did ask for resignations in their last missive and I think Grizedale director Adam Sutherland may see this as glorious opportunity.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Lawson Park gardener George Watson can’t help himself (must be the mecanopsis) and returns to us this month - better tell his online fanclub. Lawson Park Collection intern Samantha Allan leaves us to pursue her many other projects - good luck Sam!

Far West at Arnolfini, Bristol
June 3o - August 28
We proffer goods from our vast network of cultural and social-economic relations, projects and honesty stalls.
Grizedale lardons? Nanling dried mushrooms? Wuzhishen toile fabric? Toge rice? Shonky Haverthwaite wooden fox planter?
For all your most deep seated consumerist needs and desires. for info

Juneau/projects @ Tate Britain Our protegees are on show until Oct. 26 – with a moss garden with moss ‘borrowed’ from (uh-oh, stop right there, the Editor) update:
Episode 217
A Foundation have finally paid the artists commissioned for the project but not Grizedale, allowing SOG to vent a little of the spleen we have been siphoning into holder tanks over the past few months.
Where to start?
I guess the principle problem is that those that inherit wealth never grow up, so first imagine doing business with an 8 year old.
Although his new director has made light of the cancellation of the Agrifash project, it is in fact a disaster for the project itself. From our point of view we have just facilitated (for free) yet another load of artists’ projects, most of which will now have their only life in galleries and art world constructs like Biennales. All for that art audience that asks no questions and art culture that gives no answers.

Meanwhile, Gelitin took their place on stage for their Agrifash project at Rochelle School on May 30, throwing stuff around and wooing the art out of the art world, swinging brushes and collective tackle they trampolined while painting portraits of the audience.
Guestroom followed swiftly on their heels with their Reading Room at the ICA on June 2 with GA’s Adam Sutherland and Alistair Hudson making like pop stars …..all to be elaborated on

Wicked Whispers:
Which wealthy Liverpudlian heir is currently fighting a paternity suit - still unwilling to pass it on.

Which recently sacked NW-based arts professional was subsequently appointed as the senior curator at a top London venue?

Which megalithic NE-based arts organisation has spent all its special Lottery capital revenue fund and has a consequent annual deficit of a mere 1 million?

Grizedale @ Creamfields
August 23-24, Liverpool
A less likely union would be hard to imagine, though of course we have mud in common.
Grizedale and more specifically TVi (the touring version of Agrifash) will be making tv, or rather short bluetooth downloads for the young and the wrecked at this year’s Creamfields Festival in Liverpool.
Marcus Coates is convinced 60,000 techno fans will enjoy his Shaman performance, and we are convinced they will enjoy some gardening and a temperance message.

Cream Tea Fields
Lawson Park Farm & Garden
OPEN Sun. August 24, 12-7pm
Several hundred cake-eating, plant-buying garden enthusiasts will ascend on Lawson Park. There will be a direct link with Creamfields and a nice mix of broadcast material from both events featuring on the Grizedale front page that weekend.
Entry (to charidee and a little bit to us) is £3.50 - See for more info

Farmyard Radio
Fridays from 4pm -5pm
Live on

Little Prince for Dinghy King
Congratulations to GA fave Bedwyr Williams and partner Fionah on the birth of baby Seth recently.

And Finally
SOG would like to point out that the spoof press release in the last newsletter was in no way meant as an encouragement to North West arts organisations. It’s official - satire and irony are no longer possible.

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