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Son of Grizedale #2 - April 2008

Fridays from 4pm -5pm
Listen live on and there’s even some of the shows you’ve missed up there too.

Alistair is a broadcasting natural, the thinking person’s Ken Bruce and our recent broadcast from the ‘Exit or Activism?’ conference on sustainability all the way fromBudapest was a show stopper. Boy not to be a fly on the wall at that one which unfortunately we were. Still, the Ethnographic Museum was full of astounding peasant artefacts and our visit coincided with the city’s annual spring clean, where locals fill their streets with unwanted modernist furniture.

to GA alumni Emily Wardill on being shortlisted for the Jarman Award

of British Design & Craft
Never let it be said we aren’t proper curators.
Over the last few years Adam Sutherland has collected the bones of a working Collection with which to furnish Lawson Park. It includes many familiar domestic objects you’ll have seen at car boots, charity shops and your nan’s - so you’ll be delighted to learn how one man’s tat is another man’s treasure.

We’ve even drawn up a Policy outlining the Collection’s themes: Branded; When Modernism Goes Bad; Fake and A mug’s history of design.

New intern Samantha Allen has been whipping the Collection into an online form which will go live soon. Sam also runs a rather gorgeous online design space at

Rather than our usual quick pop out to check on the drainage in the upper field, Messrs Sutherland and Hudson will be away for a little longer at the end of the month in the village of Nanling in Guangdong Province, China along with pioneering (literally this time) artists Bryan and Laura Davies, Maria Benjamin (Guestroom),Harold Offeh and Kai-Oi Jay Yung.
The working title for this project is Happy Stacking, refering of course to the popular modern pastime of simultaneous multiple media platform interaction- and making the world better.

We have been invited by Vitamin Creative Space and the Nanling Zhongheng Ecotourism Development Co. Ltd. to help with the development of the village and equally likely the development of ourselves. This three week residency will, we hope, be the starting point in a long prosperous relationship with their village and our village.

This project has been kindly supported by Arts Council England, The British Council and Vitamin Creative Space- especially He Cong (aka Vincent) at Vitamin who has been finding us a translator. No skills base shortage there there infact, as he has found us one who has an MA in Anthropology, a BA in Japanese and can do video editing.

Such is the great march forward for China. It’s rumoured she can also she can also do juggling and particle physics.

The parochial press release

Leading digital agricultural boneheads Grizedale Arts is delighted to announce a new cutting edge initiative to out-trump the increasingly ridiculous claims of all other provincial arts organisations with their massively overblown claims of self importance and breathtaking lack of perspective.

As one of the most innovative and leading contemporary creative centrifugal hubs on the planet and possibly the known universe (outside of London), Grizedale Arts is now on track to lead the way in scientific, media and human technology.

It is committed to ramping up its press releases to incorporate more superlatives than any other significant international groundbreaking arts organisation in the world.

In a groundbreakingly innovative partnership, the Crake Valley’s most dynamic art institution will be teaming up with new global virtual partners to tirelessly promote its own marketing activity:

Grizedale Arts’ Secondary Chief Executive Officer, Alistair Hudson, said “I am delighted that despite occupying one of the most beautiful, picturesque and remote locations on Earth, Grizedale Arts will now release more international press material digitally than ever before, consuming more carbon than it did when it just sent out paper press releases. Through its groundbreaking and innovative use of digital media technologies from the future, Grizedale Arts will be able to clone its staff on multiple Second Life platforms to access parallel marketing strands in other universes, sending out more information than was ever possible and make us look like we’re really busy. Oh and did I tell you I was delighted?”

This dynamic partnership will be Cumbria’s most innovative attempt to to market itself to other forms of itself, and to break new frontiers in self-delusion. This bleeding-edge initiative has the theoretical potential to be seen through an obscure website by over 1000 trillion people and will involve international artists from as far afield asSouth Lakeland and abroad.

“Great local story I heard this week. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were hanging around at the boating centre on Coniston Water and after tea at the truly average Blue Bird cafe (this is sooo hard to believe) Tom hopped up to the hut they rent boats from to ask if they could privately hire the Gondola (a big grand boat) for dinner on the lake.
David (he who told me the story) phoned the National Trust (who own the Gondola) and they just flat went ‘no’.
A couple of points :
Like no one thought to tell me this story years ago ?!
Tom and Nicole just casually toured the Lake District, going to shit places for tea
National Trust can’t see a marketing opportunity when it’s shoved hard in their face and rubbed in

BTW Apparently Nicole is much more beautiful in real life...

You can always add comments to our blog at

Reasons behind the abrupt cancellation of the agrifashionista project remain a bit mysterious.
A Foundation’s in-house wrangles, accusations and general ups and downs the City Road has left Grizedale embarrassed by having to cancel the live web TV station due to be broadcast at the end of March. As they say ‘circumstances beyond…’. We are now tryng to rework the programme across a number of venues over the next two years. Just when you thought the project was going to be over it goes and extends forever. Hopefully all the works will be even better for this delay and the new contexts richer and more valid.

There will be an ongoing programme on the Agrifash site as completed works are released month on month, Pablo Bronstein’s dance piece along with the back stage chat open the programme.

Other venues in discussion for the coming year include Nanling/GuanZhou Triennale, Creamfields and the Royal Academy, now there’s a fine mix up firya.

At the Budapest conference we announced Grizedale’s ‘Bullshit Offsetting Scheme’ - trees planted by artists to offset carbon generated by other artists and arts administrators as they go about their very important business.

Get in touch to assuage your environmental guilt, our rates are - for the coming art year:

New York Armouries Show - 27 March 4 trees cost £12

Art Basel – 4 May 2 trees cost £8

Art Chicago – 25 April 6 trees cost £18

Art Cologne 16 Sept 2 trees cost £8

Guangzhou Triennale - September 8 trees cost £24

Frieze London -16 Oct 1 shrub 50p

FIAC Paris 23 Oct 1 tree £4

Art Basel Miami 4 Dec 4 trees £12

If you have the temerity to be based outside of UK email us for our International rates.
(Many thanks to Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane for providing these vital dates)

Readers of the greenfingered persuasion may want to put August 24th into their diaries - Lawson Park Garden opens to the public with the National Garden Scheme – see

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