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The Festival of Lying took place on the 16th of September 2000 - below is the programme from the day which we webcast live from Grizedale theatre.
You can now use the links in the programme read further information about each speaker (from their names) or to see the archive video files (from the talk titles) To watch the video archive you'll need to make sure you have Real Player installed on your computer: You can download this from here.

Introduction (Real Media Video 12mins)
Welcome to the festival by Ralph Spours, estate agent and compere for the day.

10.15 XPT Ltd
(Real Media Video 32mins)
The Oldest and the Largest Fulfillment Organisation in the World - Tim Wright and Rob Bevan explored internet hoaxing.

10.45 Guerillas in the Midst? (2 Real Media Video files 15 & 22mins !)
Rob Irving, artist, writer and crop circle maker discussed exploring art, artifice and belief.

11.15 Coffee break

11.45 Revelations of a Parapsychologist (Real Media Video 22mins)
Maurice Grosse interviewed on video by Anna Best and Rupert Carey about the case of the Enfield Poltergeist.

12.15 Lying and Behaviour (Real Media Video 7mins)
video documentation from Psychologist Dr Richard Wiseman's research at the University of Hertfordshire.

Lunch break (Real Media Video 1min)

13.45 Live From London. Truth Scam Exposed (Real Media Video 12mins)
News correspondent Pamela Schlatterer ( RTL TV) broadcast live about lying in a profession whose mission it is to search out the truth.

14.00 Little Liars Contest (Real Media Video 20mins)
children from local schools with Grizedale's education officer and judged by The Cumbrian Liars. (Real Media Video 5mins)
Includes "Nutkins the Squirrel and her Tail" and the "The Long Lost Child"

15.00 Tea break

15.30 Confessions of a Psychic
(Real Media Video 21mins)
Peter Lamont
(Researcher at the University of Edinburgh) described and demonstrated some of the techniques used by magicians and fake psychics.

16.00 Them: Adventures With Extremists (Real Media Video 31mins)
Writer and documentary film maker Jon Ronson read from his new book about conspiracy theory.

16.30 Lies, Lies, Lies (Real Media Video 58mins)
Panel Discussion chaired by Jon Ronson with all the Festival contributors and questions from the audience, followed by Ralph Spours closing session (Real Media Video 1min).

18.00 Break: Theatre Bar open

18.30 Elvis Dave Bushell's, Tribute Act, many great tunes including:
Devil in Disguise and Don't be Cruel (Real Media Video 6mins)
Johnny B Good and Teddy Bear (Real Media Video 4mins)
Suspicious Minds and Fever (Real Media Video 7mins)

19.30 Art & Lying Premiere
Four of Cumbria's top liars performed their specially commissioned new lies - each based on 'factual' information sent to them by the artists, covering their time in the lakedistrict:

James Mason worked with Karen Guthrie, concocting:
A strange tale with a religious theme.(Real Media Video 19mins)

Clifford Atkinson teamed up with Simon Poulter, telling:
A tale touching on Grizedale beasts. (Real Media Video 10 mins)

Howard Christie kept Nina Pope on her toes as he unfolded:
A story which brought the dome to Wasdale. (Real Media Video 12 mins)

John Graham succeeded in unravelling Anna Best's information to produce:
Anna's Northern Adventure.(Real Media Video 24mins)

21.00 Finally Ralph Spours, John Graham and Simon Poulter concluded the event.

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