Coniston Institute Library Special Displays

In 2012, this County Council Library was reinvigorated through a design project led by Grizedale Arts, in which renowned shelf-maker Liam Gillick designed the interior. Open for visitors to sit and browse the stock, a number of one-off special reference displays will guide you through some of the more convoluted historic and contemporary mores of the area and culture.

John Ruskin’s 10 books you must read - Ruskin’s reading bucket list, including the obscure publication Hans Ulrich the Farm Servant.

Grizedale Arts 10 books you must read before you make art - Selected from the Lawson Park Library, books will include Thomson and Lowe’s Ohrangutang Letters and nine other slightly more functional texts.

10 books you must read before you visit the Lake district - From the library of local artist Meg Falconer; an introduction to the life-changing capacities, complexities and joys of the Lake District.

10 books you must read while farming - A personal introduction to hill farming selected by Maria Z. Benjamin, a former member of Grizedale Arts staff.  

No Booking Necessary, All Welcome

Part of the programme for

A Very Special Saturday at the Coniston Institute


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