The Japanese Harvest: Horticulture & Cookery School Nov 5-13 2019

Grizedale Arts and the village of Kiwanosato will host a unique opportunity for visitors to take part in the traditional Japanese way of life at the beautiful season of harvest time. 

Guided by local experts and an experienced Anglo - Japanese team, you will learn about traditional and regional cuisine; seasonal food preservation and the regeneration of former paddy fields into biodiverse plantations. The varied programme will include hands-on workshops; group expeditions, talks & visits, that range from the farmhouse kitchen to the wholesale fish market.

Participants in this programme will build on the success of the summer's Architecture & Design School's building of the Bee School, by taking part in the cultivation of surrounding paddy fields which are to be planted with nectar-rich, bee-friendly plants.

Deadline for booking is MONDAY 7th OCTOBER 2019, 09:00 GMT.


Adam Sutherland (Host & Guide) is director of Grizedale Arts, a contemporary arts organisation based in the rural Lake District. He first visited Japan in 2005 to curate a project at the invitation of the Echigo Tsumari Triennale, and has since visited many times. He has initiated and delivered several Kiwanosato-based projects including the building of the wood-heated bath at the Village House and the recent Architecture School which attracted over 30 applicants from 16 countries. Adam has particular expertise in crafts.

Maria Benjamin (Host) is an award-winning farmer who with her partner runs Nibthwaite Grange Farm in the Lake District. Maria has successfully diversified the farm business to encompass ethical livestock farming, wool / fleece production, accommodation and soap-making. Maria is part of the Confederacy of Villages project, which Grizedale Arts has developed to facilitate learning across global rural communities.

Motoko Fujita (Coordinator & Translator) is a Dublin-based artist and photographer who grew up near to Kiwanosato and initiated its collaboration with Grizedale Arts, having worked with them at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Motoko is a member of the Fair Land collective and is an accomplished cook and interpreter, possessing an intimate knowledge of the community and locale around Kiwanosato.

Karen Guthrie (Host) is an award-winning film-maker and artist, whose House of Ferment installation (currently on show at London’s V & A Museum in FOOD) celebrates global cooking practices and cultures. Karen is an expert vegetable grower in her role as Head Gardener for Grizedale Arts, and a knowledgeable Japanese cook who has delivered numerous ‘fork to fork’ workshops, making a visit in 2015 to learn koji-making from villagers in NW Japan.

This opportunity is made possible by the ‘Dream of Kiwanosato’ partnership between Grizedale Arts & the village of Kiwanosato, an ongoing cultural exchange project fostering sustainable futures for rural communities.

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392 Kutsuwai

Shimonoseki City
Yamaguchi Prefecture