The Japanese Harvest: Horticulture & Cookery School Nov 5-13 2019

Grizedale Arts and the village of Kiwanosato will host a unique opportunity for visitors to take part in the traditional Japanese way of life at the beautiful season of harvest time. 

Guided by local experts and an experienced Anglo - Japanese team, you will learn about traditional and regional cuisine; seasonal food preservation and the regeneration of former paddy fields into biodiverse plantations. The varied programme will include hands-on workshops; group expeditions, talks & visits, that range from the farmhouse kitchen to the wholesale fish market.

Participants in this programme will build on the success of the summer's Architecture & Design School's building of the Bee School, by taking part in the cultivation of surrounding paddy fields which are to be planted with nectar-rich, bee-friendly plants.

Deadline for booking is MONDAY 7th OCTOBER 2019, 09:00 GMT.


392 Kutsuwai

Shimonoseki City
Yamaguchi Prefecture