Artists / Zoe Walker


Zoe Walker’s work reacts to specific rural landscapes. Over the last few years she has worked within a remote Scottish island, Australian desert and classic English countryside context. She creates objects that suggest an escape route from the normality of our lives; however, on further examination it is clear that these objects would in fact fail to satisfy what they appear to promise. At Grizedale she produced two videos 'Foxgloves' and 'Waterlilies' which followed this line of investigation and were shown as part of the Grizedale show, the 'Great Escape'.

Zoe mainly works collaboratively with Neil Bromwich exploring the space between what exists and what is possible.

Their solo exhibitions include BALTIC, Gateshead; ACCA Melbourne; Turner Contemporary, Margate; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Cornerhouse, Manchester; Milton Keynes Gallery, CCC Tours France, Centre d’Art Contemporain Le Pavis, France.

Selected group shows - include Künstlerhaus, Vienna; Zeppelin Museum Germany; Camden Arts Centre and the South London Gallery, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh; Scottish National Gallery of Contemporary Art, Edinburgh; Tina B., Prague.