Artists / Wowhaus


Wowhaus is a collaboration between Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable. Their work includes permanent and temporary public art, furniture, architecture and environmental design. They explore the common denominators of everyday experience, the central question of how things, places and relationships acquire meaning.

During their 2002 residency they worked with Barrow Council and the residents of the Hindpool estate in Barrow. The Hindpool Residents Association were consulted by Wowhaus on their desires and requirements for the plot of land that would become vacant once a number of houses were pulled down within the community. Wowhaus’ consultation process led to a number of visualisations with the community and engaged the large population of Hindpool in meetings and discussions which fed into the development of this space, encouraging a creative approach and connecting groups of the community who had not been in contact before.

As part of ‘Lawless’, Grizedale’s car boot sale, Wowhaus sent over a truck-load of kitsch Americana which was snapped up with enthusiasm by artists visiting from London where similar bric-a-brac sells for three times the price.

Project Contributions