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Shifting Ground Collective

Shifting Ground Collective comprised of a number of artists and architects coming together for a residency from 2007 - 2009. The collective originated from a conference titled ‘New Perspectives on Art and Rural Culture’ that hoped to address the need to develop new approaches to Public Art specifically for rural communities, the conference was led by collective member Suzanne Lacy. Their intentions whilst at Grizedale were to explore architectural possibilities on site at Lawson Park and develop projects with members of local communities, this continues as an on-going project.

One of the members of the collective, Dominic Stevens, is an architect concerned with economic and sustainable living. Recently building his own family home from scratch for £22,000, Stevens is pushing for the movement of slow architecture, sourcing all his own materials and minimising waste.

Another member, Fernando García-Dory’s practice is concerned with the relationship between culture and nature and has set up a cheese-making course for local young farmers.

The group also included Fiona Woods and Deirdre Mahoney.