Artists / Samantha Clark


Sam Clark was artist-in-residence with us between April and July 1999, and has made work using sound, video and photography that looks at the relationships between scientific, aesthetic and romantic responses to 'nature'. Chemical elements are a recurring motif.

Sam made a number of small-scale projects focused on the micro aspects of landscape and incorporating a fantastical whimsy. The work ‘Weeping Sap’ (1999) formed part of the Grizedale Forest Sculpture Trail.

In 2009 Sam was invited to participate in an exhibition in Spain that would only use local and recyclable materials. However, Sam, based in Scotland, was not a local or recyclable material. Rather than flying out to install a video or similar, she calculated the amount of CO2 that would have been emitted in her travelling to Girona and organised a series of yoga and meditation sessions, where visitors were invited to breathe out, hard. How about that then?

Project Contributions