Artists / Pope & Guthrie (aka Somewhere)

Pope & Guthrie (aka Somewhere)

Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie have collaborated since 1996 as a multi-disciplinary creative company called Somewhere, often collaborating with others.

In 1999 they undertook a residency at Grizedale, electing to work as a group of four artists with Ann Best and Simon Poulter, calling themselves ‘The People from Off’, a local term for outsiders.

In this instance they worked in collaboration with forest worker and amateur rally driver David Shuttleworth to raise his competitive performance and profile, producing material to assist his side through the ranks of his chosen sport.

Grizedale Forest is regularly used for rally car races and naturally many young men in the area aspire to compete in this largely amateur sport. As part of the project an image was produced of Shuttleworth with his new car to grace the recently and controversially installed billboard in the forest, which was in turn featured in a photo-shoot for a Paul Smith clothing catalogue and feature in 'Top Gear' magazine. Shuttleworth is still racing and is now married to one of the forestry workers (who assisted the artists by working with them on his website and fan club).

Pope & Guthrie’s approach has been important in developing the Grizedale concept, particularly in the idea of being useful to people – and that artists, like all humans, should give a lot rather than just take (Note: especially to engaged artists who pilfer community trust and bugger off to show it in a gallery Up West).

The artists were some of the first to attempt webcasting ('Festival of Lying', 2000), under difficult circumstances at Grizedale with only dial-up Internet coverage. They have also been notable for the way they have pulled together a range of different positions, from Mark Wallinger, Jon Ronson, a local crop circle guy to the local estate agent Ralph Spours – ultimately combining talented and enthusiastic local people for wider social gain.

Pope & Guthrie, who won the Northern Art Prize in 2008, have continued to work on a number of Grizedale projects. Karen Guthrie has also produced a number of solo projects including ‘Jubilee Cake’ with Satterthwaite & Rusland Women’s Institute (2001) and has developed the gardens for Lawson Park and this website.