Artists / Pablo Bronstein


Pablo Bronstein has been working with Grizedale Arts since 2006 when he applied for a residency through the influence of friend Olivia Plender. His first research trip in 2006 was with Plender and Lali (aka Spartacus aka Marvin Gaye) Chetwynd, most memorable for their insistence on wearing false beards throughout (locals assumed them to be on a stag weekend).

Throughout his residency he has been forced to adapt his arch-Postmodernism to the messed up landscape of the Lake District and the complexity of Grizedale's slippery programme. In 2007 Pablo worked on a neo-classical Postmodern façade, in the manner of a Charles Jencks garden shed, for the chicken house in the Kitchen Garden at Lawson Park Farm. In between visits and emails to us, he has taken part in a number of projects in which we have mostly tried to get a similar façade made by various host institutions.

Pablo was commissioned in 2008 to produce a film for 'Agrifashionista', Grizedale's online TV project. The film called 'Paternoster Square' was also shown as a video installation as part of his solo show at Herald St Gallery, London in June 2008.

He has also contributed to the renovation of the Coniston Institute that was undertaken by Grizedale, selecting a colour scheme for the interior decoration. For 'The Land We Live In, The Land We Left Behind' Bronstein designed a ceramic centrepiece for the table.