Artists / Minerva Cuevas


Minerva Cuevas worked on a number of projects to do with food and the politics of food production. Several works corrupted food producers’ logos to reveal the dark underbelly of their practices.

She also wrote the synopsis for the Grizedale Pantomime of that year, ‘Coke on the Rocks’, which took the three polar bears that Coca-Cola used in their Christmas ad campaign and placed them at the centre of a drama.

Minerva is known for projects rooted in social and political research. Her production includes installation, video and photographic works, usually developed as site-specific interventions. She is the founder of the Mejor Vida Corp. ('Better Life Corporation'), a non-profit corporation.

In 'The Land We Live In, The Land We Left Behind'. Minerva's 'Evian poster' appropriation work ('Egalite: Une condition naturelle') was scaled up and applied directly to the gallery wall.