Artists / Matt Stokes


In 2003 Matt Stokes acted as meeter and greeter whilst encouraging visitors to fill in his specially designed Wish Cards at 'Let's Get Married Today'. Visitors were encouraged to proffer advice or a special wish for the wedding couples, who will post the cards back to the author when the wish or advice comes true. He also worked with a number of individuals, organisations and institutions on the development of a Rave Archive and film that documents the Old Skool ‘Cave Raves’ of the South Lakes, from 1988–2003.

Matt often works collaboratively, making detailed, sprawling films and installations that explore links between generations, communities, and cultural histories. He describe his:

interest in music [coming] from looking at the communities that surround certain music scenes … I feel there is something really important in the way that music subcultures, particularly those away from the mainstream, shape people's lives, beliefs and outlooks.

In 2006 Matt won the 'Beck's Futures Awards', though, to the right, can clearly be seen enjoying a non-specific lager from a Guinness-branded pint glass. Coincidentally, Beck's stopped sponsoring the award after Matt won.