Artists / Mark Wallinger


Mark Wallinger’s first involvement with Grizedale came in the form of a face-painting stall he set up for 'A Different Weekend' (2000). He also led an influential research trip to Grizedale with Fine Art students from University of Central England, many of whom continued to contribute to later projects.

In 2002 aside from the annual September show - which was intended to be accessible to a broad non-art audience - in June Grizedale staged ‘Live in Your Forest’, a weekend of events aimed at a more specialist level of engagement. Alongside a number of artworks, a panel of speakers were invited to participate in ‘Open Air, Open Discussion, Open Mike’, a debate about the role of the artist as interpreter of the landscape, and the past, present and future of Grizedale. Stepping up somewhat from his role of children’s face decorator two years prior Mark was invited to be part of the panel along with Matthew Collings, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Richard Harris and Adam Sutherland.