Artists / Mark Gubb


Mark Gubb took up residency in 2003.

In that time he DJ'd at 'Let's Get Married Today' and built 'Church in the Woods', an American style clapboard church (based on the one from the film 'Deliverance'), deteriorating with time. Mark used the church as the setting for 'The Church of the Greys', a horror movie that stars the Barrow-based rock band, Zenolith, and a mixture of friends, family and pets.

The first week of production was blighted by inclement weather, a broken down minibus, rolls of film jammed and ruined in the camera and a three car smash, writing off two cars and hospitalising four of the actors. Things however, soon picked up.

Mark also produced an eleven minute long, Scooby Doo version of 'Evil Dead', which toured with 'Roadshow', titled 'The Scooby Dead'.

He makes work across a range of media incorporating sculpture, video, sound, installation and performance.

His most recognisable works are his posters, often made using rudimentary typography closer to the forms of communication of the church than high design, combining 'big' statements borrowed from a scattered network of music, religion, Americana and cartoons.