Artists / Lorrice Douglas


Lorrice Douglas produces work as if researching for a film or a novel, using a range of media including archive, installation and photography to construct or present a scene. Her research is inspired by social history and those references (or narratives) are embodied through objects and spaces, rather like an installation in a museum or a stage set for theatre. She gained a Masters degree in Fine Art at the Slade and went on to participate on de Ateliers studio programme in Amsterdam.

‘Pageant – A Lakeland Variety Show’ was the result of Lorrice’s residency in 2001. The notions of the local and exotic were explored by mixing local folk traditions with ‘outsider’ popular culture. Lorrice staged the event at Walter Yeat Village Hall and organised it in collaboration with Audrey Steeley, a ‘local’ and a member of staff at Grizedale Arts. Hand-made posters were sited in shop windows and forest locations, and tickets were made from traditional playing cards. Pies baked in Ulverston were served with Red Stripe and Jamaican ginger beer. The evening included a kissing booth, folk dancing, tale telling and a guest magician from London who appeared as the headline act.

The following year Lorrice made a book of the project published by Grizedale Arts, which can be found in the Lawson Park library.