Artists / Liam Gillick


Liam Gillick's practice combines a shifting set of modes that form a highly complex and transparent mise en scène. He utilises the roles of artist, designer, critic, author, director and curator to produce artworks that take many forms from platforms and screens through to the use of sound, colour or text to adjust or filter a situation.

He has referred to his work as prototypes and provisional structures that deal with compromise, negotiation, strategy, planning and speculation. His development of new methodologies is informed by a polyphonic approach to authorship and parallel narratives playing out scenarios such as the "What if" scenario or an examination of the "day before" as a model for understanding how to behave, activate and present.

Liam is currently developing a number of strands with Grizedale relating to the renovation of the Coniston Institute and Ruskin, including a design for a new lending library for the building.

He is also one of a number of artists who are each writing plays to be performed by school children, as part of Alexandre Singh's current project for Grizedale. Liam's play will be performed by school children in New York.

He has also collaborated with Robert Eikmeyer on the interview CD 'An Idea Just Out of Reach', and with Grizedale on the Gatto Parlante grappa edition.