Artists / Lee Borthwick


Lee Borthwick created the impressive 'Rush Wall with Chesterfield Detail' at Lawson Park in the living room space.

Lee had studied textiles and surface design at Gray's School of Art (Aberdeen) and when she completed our commission, she had recently finished an MA in Constructed Textiles at the Royal College of Art.

After a period of living in Finland she was influenced by the abundant nature, simple approaches to life, the values, the light and architecture, and so Lee was a natural choice for Lawson Park's interior finishes. The killjoy local planners had vetoed a large picture window onto the view of the Old Man of Coniston mountain from the living room, saying that narrow 'arrow slot' windows were more 'appropriate' - and so the idea of a window seat akin to the traditional woven Orkney armchairs emerged as a way of making these tiny windows more of a feature.

Lee used thickly-layered rushes, binding and enlarged buttons to give a sense of an 'upholstered' finish to the angled spaces between the arrow slots - the wonderful smell of the rushes lingered for years...

Project Contributions