Artists / Laura Davies


As well as working with Bryan Davies on Parkamoor, Laura Davies was part of the 'Happy Stacking' project in China during which she designed work clothes for locals and created a fabric design featuring drawings of the wooden furniture found in the ping fang houses of Nanling village.

Dealing with issues of economics and design, Laura set up shop with a local dressmaker. After meditating on the fashionista's penchant for European designs with their origins in utilitarianism, the two produced prototypes for a range of clothes to be sold outside the localised economy. A Nanling toile was also fabricated from Laura's series of drawings of local vernacular and agricultural objects, suggesting a narrative and promotion for the village. The fabric can be utilised by the dressmaker to make a new brand of clothes for export. Laura's vision cumulated in her dressing of Ping Fang House to suggest how the building could be adapted into a concept boutique which highlights the craft and culture of the village and develops ideas for local enterprise.

This fabric has been used to reupholster a number of chairs at Lawson Park which can be seen in the collection here.

Project Contributions