Artists / Kevin Reid


Kevin Reid has been involved with Grizedale in a number of different incarnations. Kevin first performed flying solo (excuse the pun) as his daredevil alter ego, Harry Butler, executing underwhelming stunts (jumping a BMX through a ring of fire) at 'Roadshow', 2003.

Later in 2003 for 'Lets Get Married Today' Kevin performed with Graeme Roger as a pair of wedding chauffeurs, driving the couples to and from their respective ceremonies while singing songs for them and imparting matrimonial advice. Dressed in sequined cowboy gear, it was only when they got out of their Mercedes that the failure of their glittery chaps and cod-pieces to cover their shockingly white and freshly waxed bare bottoms was revealed.

Kevin’s next involvement with Grizedale came in the form of Prairie Oysters, an artist collective from Scotland including Graeme Roger, Abby Loveland and Amy Marletta. As part of 'Romantic Detachment' (2004) at PS1, New York they took an extended trip through the Deep South, during this time they developed a pair of gas-powered cannons with which the fired food-filled condoms at wooden cutouts depicting English hate-figures such as Margaret Thatcher and the Duke of Cumberland, ‘Butcher of Culloden’ at PS1.

This idea of collaboration and working together features throughout Kevin's practice. In 2004 Kevin formed the artist collective GANGHUT during a residency at Spike Island in Bristol. During this time he began to make sculptural and film works concerning hideaways and group mentality. From this he worked towards an installation and event under the moniker GANGHUT. The initial core Gang was assembled from eight artists (Jason Nelson, Stephen Murray, Graeme Roger, Andrew French, Luke Collins, Mark Hunter, Pete Dibdin, Amy Marletta and Derek Lodge).

Together GANGHUT created an event in the main space at Spike Island, which was built over a 7-day period in a 24/7 gallery live-in environment.