Artists / Karen Guthrie


Karen Guthrie is an artist and film-maker who has been associated with Grizedale Arts since 2000 and lives at HQ Lawson Park.

For ‘A Different Weekend’ she produced and sited a series of event signs in differing 'folk' styles, and she later appeared as one part of a pantomime horse.

Working as ‘People from Off’ with Anna Best, Simon Poulter and Nina Pope she developed the live webcast, the ‘Festival of Lying’ in 2001.

For ‘Golden - Live in Your Forest’ she worked with the local Satterthwaite & Rusland Women's Institute to make a jubilee cake, and in 2003 she made ‘Welcome To’, a lo-fi musical film set in Grizedale Forest, with many local dance groups.

In collaboration with Nina Pope (aka Somewhere) she won the Northern Art Prize in 2008, their show featuring a number of Grizedale works including a multiple depicting an idealised Lawson Park, ‘Titchy / Kitschy’ (2009), available from the Grizedale shop.

Karen now works in a freelance capacity for GA on everything from hospitality to website design to cat herding. Since 2002 she has worked with developer Dorian-Fraser-Moore (The UsefulArts) on the Grizedale Arts & Lawson Park websites.

Her biggest achievement is arguably the design and management as Head Gardener of the spectacular grounds around Lawson Park.