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Blachly & Shaw

Jim Blachly and Lytle Shaw have collaborated for several years on the publication 'The Chadwick Family Papers: A Brief Public Glimpse', archiving and compiling the histories of a fictional English family and their heritage.

For 'Romantic Detachment' they performed 'Errant Walker', a Euro-centric tour of the architectural wonders of New York, ending in a spectacular and hilarious dance. It was a piss take of English pretension and foppishness, and very funny for it. Jimbo had a minor altercation with Jesse Rae later the same night; some comment about his sword, which didn’t go down well.

Elsewhere, Lytle is a poet and critic and was co-founder and editor of the literary journal 'Shark' (copies in the Lawson Park library) and is a contributing editor at 'Cabinet' magazine (also in the library). He has published catalogue essays on Robert Smithson and Zoe Leonard for Dia Foundation; on Gerard Byrne for Koenig Books, and on The Royal Art Lodge for the Drawing Center.